COM port redirect

Last updated 01 Janurary 2007.


This page will describe how to use free software for easy COM port redirection for easy and simple connection of DX cluster from LOGGER. This can of course also be used for other log programs missing the internet capability and also be used for other data redirect of COM port application (remote control).



The installation is very easy. You need to download the redirect software from Lantronix,

On this page you can download the latest version of the “Com Port Redirector” and also the user manual for the program if needed. Below I hopefully describe how to configuration the program for DX clusters connection.



The configuration need following steps. Start the configuration program,


Press the “Advanced” button and set following settings,


Press the “Com Setup” button and set following settings (note LOGGER support only COM1 – 4),


Select the COM port you want to use for DX cluster connection “Redirect” and press “Add IP” button and add the connection data for you DX cluster,


Next press the “Port Settings” button and do following settings,


Now all settings for this COM port are done. If you want to setup more COM ports do it in the same way.
To activate this setting press the “Save” button, you may after this need to restart the computer to activate the new settings.



The configuration for LOGGER is easy. Just select the configured COM port under the main menu selection “P-radio” and the sub menu “Communication setup”, see figure below.

To login to the DX cluster you need to open the terminal window “CTRL-T” and at the “login” prompt write your login name/callsign. If you are disconnected the COM port will reconnect to the DX cluster but you still need to login to the DX cluster via the terminal window. Hopefully this will be done automatically in later versions of LOGGER.

Note that LOGGER up to 1.20 support COM ports 1 – 2!
Note that LOGGER 1.21 and higher support COM ports 1 – 4!


When using this redirector software connection to the DX cluster there is NO limit of how much data the cluster can return to you when doing a command. And ALL data will come fast and sometimes much faster then LOGGER can process the data.

During normal terminal operation this will NOT be a problem. But if you do the command “sh/dx 1000” and have not set the “set/page” all 1000 DX spots will come and LOGGER can’t handle that!

So use the setting of page length to 12 lines (set/page 12). And even the “sh/dx 1000” will work fine with 12 DX spots for each page.


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