Radio station SM7LCB in JO86GH

Updated 10 September 2023.


Welcome to my homepage regarding my remoter controlled ham radio station on Öland island. I hope you find it interesting!

You will also find pages that will try to view how I build my remote station. There are also many pages of log information. Also link information to my VHF contest log program LOGGER.

Direct QSL via SM0LCB address found at SSA.

News from SM7LCB:

2023-09-10: Good tropo conds in September but I was not so active as I'm for analog modes eg no FT8 yet.

2023-09-06: September part of NAC 144 MHz contest gave nice QSO over 1000 km!

2023-08-09: A new band activited with a proper station according to my previous stations on this band. Finally I'm after 19 years of remote operation as SM7LCB is QRV on 432 MHz and hopefully it will create some good QSO.

2023-08-04: Installed a half CueDee 70 cm antenna as I do not have space for the full length. With about 12 meter RG-214 to the IC-9700 that will be it station for coming activities on this "new" band there I have not been so active.

2023-08-04: First NAC 144 MHz contest with the new IC-9700. Not a great result but better than with the 2 W station. Radio control via wfview and I'm missing my remote paddle CW operation but hope to add that later this year. The wfview CW handling is working but normal CW operation is easier.

2023-08-02: First aurora QSO with my new station on 144 MHz and what nice QSO:s with QRB of 1200 km!

2023-08-02: First QSO on 144 MHz with my new IC-9700.

2023-07-15: Installed a new ICOM IC-9700 at my remote site for 144  MHz operation increasing power to the antenna from 2 W to 100 W which hopefully will give a better signal in the other end. Also there will be an improvement in the receiving part but no preamp is installed as cable between station and antenna is about 12 meter (RG-214). Station is remote controlled with  wfview.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023
de ULF

2022-07-12: New attempt with a new preamp but even this is a hassle once it is in place in the mast. Tried several preamps now and all is not working. Time to give up and go QRT on 23 cm? Will try be QRV without preamp but that not fun!

2022-04-17: Replace faulty preamp on 23 cm with a "better" it's good that there are cable ties for easy installation.

2022-04-16: On site checking my remote station and found that the computer power supply was broken. Luckily I have a spare one on site so hope I will be back on air soon. When on site time for traditional Ölands food, see this site for more information.

2022-04-03 : Upload (updated) logbook.

2022-04-03 : No radio activity so I updated my square maps with updated data and using my new map page.

2022-03-08 : Since 17 February my remote station is offline for some unknown reason. Will see when I will travel to site to do the fault investigation. Until then it seems I'm QRT...cul!

2022-02-21 : Today I replace my old not working maps with my new maps (old developed) which maybe work better than the previous. If you have any feedbacks your are welcome.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022
de ULF

No activity on the web this year
, but I'm still active on the microwave bands even if there is not so many left! But where is the good old tropo conds!?!?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021
de ULF

2020-09-12 : Today I removed 13 cm (2320 MHz) from my station in JO86GH. Was QRV a bit more than 10 year. Will see if it sometimes will be rebuilt to be operational on 2400 MHz or where we will have any segment.

2020-06-21 : Tried 6 m with my IC-7300 and a FD4 antenna. Later a installed a small dipole antenna and during the weekend I worked about 60 QSO and logged about 44 squares all via ES. Bit easy compare with logging QSO on the higher bands. Today only active on 6 m when I'm active at the site e.g. no remote operation today.

2020-06-19 : My 3 cm transverter is working well as I logged a new square when I worded LY2WR via RS with nice signals after trying several SCP, tnx! I also worked SP4MPB and RA2FGG via RS. RA2FGG also worked via FM on 3 cm with fine signals. 

2020-06-18 : Installed 3 cm transverter after the unit has been drained of water and it has been allowed to dry internally. Tried to seal and drain units. Hope it will works....

2020-05-22 : Installed feeder for 13 cm but installation of the supposed working preamp failed so that need to be repaired together with the 3 cm transverter.

2020-05-02 : Sorry but I'm QRT on 3 cm due to TX power error. I have today take down the unit and will start the investigation when I'm back in Stockholm. Hopefully I can repair it so I will be QRV again during the summer.

2020-01-05 : Added activity reports for 2018 and 2019.

2020-01-05 : Update 23 cm and 3 cm maps.

2020-01-05 : 2020 first QSO on 23/3 cm with G3XDY! 
20200101 1804 G3XDY JO02OB 23 cm
20200101 1939 G3XDY JO02OB 3 cm

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020
de ULF

2019-12-29 : 2019 last QSO on 23 cm with G3XDY! 
20191229 2212 G3XDY JO02OB 1101 km

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019
de ULF

2018-09-20 : Last new square on 3 cm was in 2015 but this year I worked DL6NCI portable in JO72AK (thanks), so now I have on 3 cm a total of 61 squaresNice, long wait!

2018-09-20 : Last new square on 9 cm was in 2015 but this year I worked DL6NCI portable in JO72AK (thanks), so now I have on 9 cm a total of 22 squaresNice, long wait!

2018-09-20 : During this year I have got 3 more squares on 13 cm after QSO with DL6NCI portable and OH6JKW, so now I have on 13 cm a total of 50 squares. Nice!

2018-09-20 : Noted now that I during the NAC 23 cm contest  (21 August) have got a new square on 23 cm when I worked EU4AX in KO13VP, so now I have on 23 cm a total of 132 squares. Nice!

2018-07-16 : Worked OH2AXH on 4 bands and for the third time on 3 cm (SSB). Tnx nice QSO!

2018-05-23 : I got a new square on 23 cm after more then 10 years! I have not worked JO41 but I have in 2007 but I made the misstake and logged it as JO31. Now I have correted this error for the QSO with DK1PZ (recoding). Thanks Heinz for notifiy me that we allready have QSO during at KST chat last weekend. So now I have on 23 cm a total of #131. Great!

2018-01-08 : New update of my home page!
I have created new updated square maps which you find on this page or here.

2018-01-06 : A second update same date!
I have updated summary of my activity for the two last years. You will find them here under 2016 and 2017.
Have nice reading...

2018-01-06 : Not a single notices written on this page during 2017! Maybe there is no reader of this page anymore as there is no updates or new information to read. But if you for some reason still visit this page I have updated my logbook it you are interested. Maybe I will have some more updated during 2018, so you are welcome back. Until that I will just update my yearly notices (even if xmas have more or less ended),
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018
de ULF

2016-12-24 : Sorry I haven't been QRV for some time on the microwave bands. Main reason is that the I for some reason don't have any Internet connection the the radio site and I haven't got the time to visit it to make any reparation. But hope to be QRV again during next year so for now,
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
de ULF

2016-01-13 : Time to show some activity even when I'm not running the station e.g. very bad conds and winter so time to build something new for the summer activity. I have for long time been working with my 6 cm station and now I have make some small steps forward (well it happen during 2015) but hope more will happen. I also have start up a 24 GHz project which maybe not will be ready to the summer but will try.

2016-01-02 : I have updated my activity summary for 2014 and 2015. I also have updated my 23 cm and 3 cm summary. The last year was nice and hope that 2016 will be similar with some nice openings and new squares/DXCC in logbook.

2015-12-21 : For sure I have been active during the year  but maybe not so much on my web page. Maybe I can make some improvement there. But now it's end of 2015 and I'm looking forward for the new 2016... so,
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016
de ULF

2014-12-21 : No no conds no activity... well,
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015
de ULF

2012-02-22 : No activity on this page for many days and the activity is a bit low also. Only some QSO during NAC 23cm contest. But now I have summeries 2013 and it was a bit better then last year. Here you find my summary and here you have a year overview on 23 cm and 3 cm.

2013-12-22 : Happy New Year 2014 de ULF

2013-12-18 : Worked last 23 cm NAC contest for this year and it it will not to be any activity during the last microwave contest this year. I hope to enjoy the Christmas celibration that evening so Merry Christmas to you all!

2013-12-17 : I have now update my permission to work on 13 and 9 cm for the next comming half year (until 2014-06-30). So now I need to get my 13 cm station QRV again sometimes and hope for some QSO on 9cm.

2013-12-13 : Some conds on 23 cm during 11- 12 December when I listen to some PA and G beacons but no QSO in that direction. But I worked EW1AA  and LY3UW on 23 cm. Go a QSO on 3 cm with OZ3ZW just to see that the stations is working. 

2013-08-18 : Time to end the Öland visit for this summer and go back to Stockholm. Hopefully with well functional remote station. Today I have removed the 13 cm transverter and will take it home to some "makeover". Will try to get better oscillator, possibility for preamp and maybe more output power.

2013-08-08 : Have been one week out on scout camp but now back on Öland. Seems I missed some nice RS and the ES open FD contest. Hope many others enjoyed these happnings. Now I have worked some RS QSO and thats nice!

2013-07-11 : After the REG 1 contest the tropo conds came to my QTH and I worked G3XDY on 3 bands, see my 2013 audio page.

2013-07-11 : I was active during the REG 1 weekend contest. No tropo conds but I was able to work many stations via airplane scatter. For more information see my 2013 audio page.

2013-07-11 : The NAC 23 cm contest in Juni was very nice with good signals from LY. Some more inforamtion about it can you find on my 2013 audio page

2013-06-13 : Now I have updated my 2013 audio page with the nice Baltic Sea tropo duct during 6-8 June 2013. I then worked Ari/OH3LWP on four microwave bands 23, 13, 9 and 3 cm. Got new square on 9 and 3 cm and also (I think) new SM-OH record QRB record on these two bands. Thanks Ari. 

2013-06-05 : Late this evening we arrived to the remote QTH on Island Öland. I replace the CW keying box and tested the station and all was working as it shall. Now wait for conds and it seems promising.

2013-06-02 : European microwave contest but I was busy with Stockholm marathon, but not as a runner. More support team on bicycle. Last hours on Sunday I started may station to try to work some stations but I failed. During sked with OL3Z I found that my stations didn't transmit when I keyed the station. Troubleshooting gave that my CW keyer box at my remote site was dead so nothing to do. Just pack my spare part and wait to the travel to Öland later coming week.

2013-05-06 : During last weekend I worked some QSO during the REG 1 contest. Focused on 23 cm QSO and mostly on QSO in the 700 km range via AS. Worked nice but it take a lot of time.

2013-04-01 : I have Eastern holiday on Öland Island but still winter and no spring on it's way. Seems the conds is also  frozen on the microwave bands. Have been active on the last NAC 23cm and sometime of the microwave part. Haven't written anything about it because the interests seem low on reading NAC activity reports. Maybe its time to shutdown the web site, there is no news and microwave activity seems to be lower. But will try to see if any conds will come before that happens...

2013-02-09 : Slow start this year. But I summarized 2012 now and I really hope that 2013 will be better. During 2012 I have major problem related to remote site Internet connection which gave less possible activity time. But conds during 2012 was not the best from my site/view. Here you find my summary and here you have a year overview on 23 cm and 3 cm.

2012-12-27 : Worked the Christmas contest (Jultest) this year and got three QSO on 23cm during the short contest (only one hour). But it was three very nice examples of AS QSO. This was the last contest this year but hope for more nice contests and QSO during coming 2013.

2011-12-26 : Happy New Year 2013 de ULF

2012-12-26 : Now hopefully my remote site will be on line again so I can enjoy coming microwave contests and even some 2 meter contest with my QRP station. This time it seems to be the ddns which failed in some way so I missed the last 23 cm NAC contest this year. Hope the station will have more uptime next year then last year, 73 es cu on radio.

2012-11-20 : Today I got the message that John GM4LBV Silent Key. I worked him during the nice December tropo opening 2007 on both 23 cm and 3 cm with nice signals on 23cm and a bit waeker on 3 cm. The QSO on 3cm is still my  QRB with 1169 km. Thanks and rest in peace John.

2012-11-01 : Since October NAC 23cm contest my remote station has been off line for some reason. Now on site it seems to be a re-configured router (D-Link DI-604) how was the problem. It seems to have rebooted to default configuration by itself. Now I have replace it with another similar router and hope it will work.

Maybe I because of this failure missed some nice QSO during the opening around 21 of October, I will never get any good answer on that question now. Hope I will be QRV next time conds will visit the microwave bands.

2012-10-17 : Last evening NAC 23cm contest was nice and with  many nice QSO. But there is room for more stations to join this contest so cu next time!

2012-10-07 : At last, REG 1 contest on microwave! But no conds so no big happning this year and no good resulte from my side. I have hoped for more long distance QSO on 23cm. Maybe next time but then without 2320 MHz in SM.

2012-10-01 : No more 2320 MHz in SM from this date. We now only have ham band on 2400 MHz and up so will be difficult to make any QSO outside SM and even within SM because will anyone more to 2400 MHz? Still some of us have permission for 2320 MHz until end of this year 2012. So still possible to make some QSO on 13cm.

2012-09-30 : Now I'm at my remote QTH and have enjoyed the Ölands skördefest and also Friday evening konstnatt. We have very nice wx during this weekend. Today I have checked the 10 GHz antenna aliment and compare it with the sun and I found it correct within the uncertainty of the antenna rotator resolution. I have for last month been using the old Ericsson 60 cm parabol on 3cm.

2012-09-26 : Yesterday NAC microwave contest I worked many nice QSO. Highlight was SM3BEI in JP81NQ into the logbook as station 28 on 2.4 GHz (9cm) and with that QSO I got my square number 19 on this band, thanks Lennart!
The 10 GHz stations seems to work nice now again. Pointed antenna towards the station and got QSO's. Maybe no pointing error on 3cm, but I will check it coming weekend when I visit the remote site during "Ölands skördefest 2012".

2012-09-20 : No big contest the last NAC 23cm contest, but I was QRV and activated the band. When will the nice autumn tropo conds come?

2012-09-16 : CONDS this sunday? No but I got a new square on 13cm when I worked SP4MPB, thanks!

2012-09-10 : Now I have contact with my remote site again. The setting of port forwarding to my server have been cleared after a software update of the ADSL-modem/router for 2-3 weeks ago. Well no conds so I don't think I missed anything. Hopefully the station now is ready for the coming NAC contest on 23cm and the microwave bands.

2012-08-20 : Worked the LY contest the last weekend. Not many stations in the logbook. Seems that I have problem with my 10 GHz station. Maybe it's not pointing in correct direction. Tried with SM7DTE during the contest without any signals. After the contest I tried with SM1HOW and we worked a QSO but I have the antenna off by 15 degree.

2012-08-12 : I did a summary the summer activity until now and find that I got 3 new locator squares:
 SM7DTE in JO75CN #18 on  9 cm
 SP5QAT in KO02LB #70 on 13 cm

 OH3LWP in KP21AM #71 on 13 cm

2012-08-12 : Added July NAC microwave contest to my 2012 audio page.

2012-08-06 : Updated my audio recordings for 2012 with some recordings during Estonian Open FD contest. Thanks for a nice contest!

2012-07-04 : Problem with Internet connection on sm7lcb site again. Now becasue of thunder and wait for service. But as I'm on site I can be radio active and have worked some QSO via rain scatter, on the 2m NAC and microwave Baltic Sea duct. But still very few nice openings on microwave this summer.

2012-06-24 : Now my remote site is online again and my web at will be online. Still maybe better if you use one of my other sites because they may have better Internet connection.

2012-06-16 : I bougth a FUNcube radio and I have start try to use it. Seems easy to get it running using Windows but I'm more for Linux so I will try to get it running there (seems other have get it running under Linux). Mayby I will integrate it into my remote operation later this year.

2012-06-10 : I have now added audio recordings from last NAC microwave contest on my 2012 audio page. Hope there soon will be more nice audio clips from nice QSO on the microwave bands there.

2012-06-01 : From today I will not be QRV via my remote station because change of Internet provider and after the change I need to reconfigure my local network to get all working again. I will go to remote site end June and then I hopefully will be able to make that reconfiguration. During that time web page is redirected to my site.

2012-05-28 : Big thanks to RATS in OH for a nice VUSHF meeting in Käringsund on Åland (OH0) during last weekend with very nice wx. Maybe I will go to next years meeting in SM... so see you there when time.

2012-05-23 : Microwave contest with one nice QSO. At the beginning of the contest I looked at radar map and found good thunder over Helsingör/Helsingborg. Asked OZ1FF for a 3cm sked and during that sked we worked easy RS QSO over 530 km. Worked also some other stations on 3cm and 13cm but only one station SM7ECM on 9cm. Even this summer there will not be any 6cm installation. I need another year to build the station.

2012-05-17 : LOGGER has old configuration files for the SMOH contest this weekend. I hope I have uploaded correct configuration file on my web now. Feel free to tell me if they seems to be wrong in some way. I selected common number during the contest because it's then you easy can correct band if you missed that during operation. Good luck in contest.

2012-05-17 : I was not QRV during last NAC 23cm contest because I got free ticket to the ice hockey game that evening to see  Sweden - Latvia in the world championship. A nice evening in Stockholm Globe Arena there Sweden won 4 - 0. Hope to be QRV next Tuesday during NAC microwave contest.

2012-05-07 : During first weekend of May I run the REG contest on 23cm and up bands. Didn't get many QSO in log and it was difficult to get more stations in log. Didn't have any luck with the airplane those time I tried with some of the other stations. Did try on 9cm and 3cm but no QSO at all. Most of the stations I tried with is OL/OK so distance is >700 km.

2012-04-25 : My second microwave NAC contest this year. Not full attention to the contest because a lot of side activities. But got some QSO in logbook and also this years first RS QSO which was SM7ECM. We didn't made it on tropo but when the rain came it was an easy QSO. CU in next NAC contest.

2012-04-19 : Finally I was QRV during a NAC 23cm contest again. Well only for one hour because of late arrival from a business travel to Västerås that day. But worked 6 stations as I recall and it was very nice and easy QSO's all of them. Hope the remote connection will be up for some time now so I can get more QSO in the logbook.

2012-04-10 : More work done today! My new remote computer is up running and it seem working nice. But still I have only been operation it from local network. No NAC 23cm this evening but conds seems bad also so hope all will work nice when I next week is back in Stockholm and hopefully can enjoy the NAC 23cm contest via my remote station.

2012-04-10 : Today the Internet provider (bredbandsbolaget) seem to finally found the problem and ADSL solve it! Long time but hopefully will be online. Still if you want speed it's better to use the mirror at or my home web page See site list below.

2012-04-09 : Today I start investigating the Internet problem at my remote site and it wasn't  not the old remote computer. I found that my local router didn't do what I'm expected so I replaced it with a other router and now the local network seem so to work nice. But now the problem is the connection to the Internet which is down. Will see if we can solve that during my visit on Öland.

2012-04-07 : Did the last fine tuning on my new remote computer today and then packed it for the travel to my remote station. Still not sure if its the computer or not but I got needed time to get a new computer up running. I hope to document some of the work here.

2012-04-04 : Today I created contest setup file for the NAC 70 MHz contest after request from Juhani/OH1FSS. Good luck in contest but no signal from SM as I know.

2012-03-04 : Today I manage to setup a web-site at my home QTH in SM0-area. I will try to have this running but it's a bit experimental now because it will maybe be my new remote computer for the SM7LCB operation. I don't know what the problem is at my remote site but hopefully I will manage to get it running during my visit during the Easter holiday, but still 5 weeks to that visit.

2012-02-24 : It seems I have a major fault with my remote site so no radio operation and no web site is up running. I have got web room at so there you will find my complete site and it also have a good Internet connection. Thanks to Gunnar/SM3SGP for housing my web-site.

2012-01-22 : Not many QSO in my first NAC 23 cm contest. Didn't make any major effort to get QSO in logbook but some stations I manage to easy get in the logbook. Maybe I need to be more active to get moro QSO next time. But not sure I will be so active during comming NAC microwave contest. We will see.

2012-01-06 : Not much have happend on my 6 cm transverter project but some some updates have been done on the 6 cm transverter page, now I need to get working (I hope).

2012-01-06 : I have now written my summary of the year 2011. In general low number of calls in log and also low number of QSO this year. No good conds with many QSO and maybe also lower activity from my side on the NAC microwave contest or is activity on microwave decreasing. Still 23 cm and 3 cm is my main bands for microwave activity.

2011-12-30 : Happy New Year 2012 de ULF

2011-12-29 : Worked the last microwave contest for the year at the station site but only got two QSO in log. First SM3BEI on 13 cm and later SM7DTE on 3 cm. Well I was not so active this evening and it seems that the overall activity was low during this contest. Hope we get more activity and better conds during 2012.

2011-12-27 : My web site sm7lcb have been off line for long time but I hope its now on line again. During my Christmas visit to my remote QTH I found that my one of WLAN units have a faulty power supply and therefore not working anymore. Thanks for a good helping hand from local ham Niklas/SM7UFW I got new working WLAN units and hopefully the link will work nice now. During the restart I found that my ddns name have expired and is no longer available as a free ddns name. I therefore try to register the ddns name and it seem to and I hope it work for you to. If not send me an email.

2011-11-17 : Nice tropo to OY during yesterday evening with several QSO as I understand it. Did a check of my path to OY and find it very unlikely that I will work OY from JO86GH but maybe I'm wrong (I hope).

2011-11-16 : I hope I got my summary of the last weekends tropo opening correct here on my web. Very nice with some good tropo  but the real long distance QSO didn't come this opening and only two new squares on 9 cm, but thats fine also!

2011-11-16 : Last NAC 23cm contest yesterday when nice with some nice QSO. Quite busy sometimes but I was not QRV the complete contest so I didn't get so much unused time. Nice with SO9A in the end of the contest.

2011-11-02 : Long time since I worked the NAC 2 meter contest. But the November part was I nice contest and with my QRPP station I have no big demands on the result and could spent the time I wanted on the contest. But it went very nice with many nice QSO.

2011-10-26 : 24-25 October there was a minor opening to OH but no QSO. I think other stations have better luck with the conds during this opening. Then during the NAC microwave contest I was a be off (I was busy checking the Eagle PCB design program) so not so many QSO. Must active time was around 20:30 to 21:30 local time.

2011-10-20 : Late this evening I got information from Tomas OH6NVQ that the OH6SHF beacon on 13 cm today is QRV! Thanks for all work and now back to the receiver to try to hear it!

2011-10-07 : I have updated my 23cm square map.

2011-10-06 : I have now written my summary of this years IARU UHF/Microwave contest. Didn't have so much time left for it but worked many nice QSO, thanks! Hope for some more nice autumn conds when I have more time left for the radio.

2011-09-28 : Bad conds during NAC microwave contest but Hepburn show nice possibilities for conds until the coming weekend maybe during REG contest. But it can change. This evening Wednesday I tried but didn't found any conds. But I got a new square on 23cm when I worked OZ9PP in JO47. I now have 125 squares on 23cm.

2011-09-25 : Changed e-mail address for this page, see end of first page.

2011-09-21 : During the NAC 23cm contest yesterday evening I only worked Anders/SM7ECM. Early Monday evening a got a cold and it didn't improve enough so I could be active in the contest. Hope I will be better next week.

2011-09-08 : Worked some (few) QSO during the NAC 144 MHz contest. Still nice with OK1RI in the logbook e.g. 672 km with my 2W and 6 el! FUN!

2011-08-25 : Didn't have time left for the August NAC 23cm contest. I was busy moving to new QTH here in SM0. But I got time to be QRV in NAC MW this week. But best was the nice RS before contest and also some QSO again during contest. Always fun with RS on 3cm! You find more information here. Maybe the good RS season is in the end of this summer but hope for more if it's possible.

2011-08-07 : Report from Per SM0DFP regarding 47 GHz QSO between SM and OH0.

2011-08-07 : Updated my 2011 audio page with some microwave conds, audio will come. There is activity on the microwave bands. Even high then my bands because SM0DFP told me he now worked OH0 on 47 GHz, good work Per!

 2011-07-27 : Some information (english translation) from the UA3DJG/2 expedition to JO94.

2011-07-27 :
Last evenings NAC microwave contest was a blackout in conds. Thanks for airplane and short distance QSO it was possible with some QSO.

2011-07-20 : Added a new page for some of the 2011 recordings. Here you will find first SM-UA2 on 3cm and also my first QSO with a SM2-station on 23cm, welcome! Hopefully more will come...

2011-07-20 : Nice conds over the Baltic Sea towards ES, OH and SM2 during last NAC 23cm contest. Worked my first SM2 station with SM2RIX in JO93VU (858km) and also got a new square on 23cm with number 124 (if I count correct). Now I have after 7 year of remote operations as SM7LCB worked a stations in all SM areas! Thanks everybody out there! More information and hopefully some audio from this contest on this web soon... I hope.

2011-07-08 : Anders/SM7ECM noted my 3cm QSO with UA3DJG/2 as the first QSO on this band with UA2. Fun with a first UA2-SM QSO on 3cm in log. I will get the audio cut on my web soon.

2011-07-02 : Nice NAC microwave contest last week.Quote from my last report "Worked over 20000 point and that's nice. Still missing many stations who are QRV and many who not is QRV". Nice with a 3cm QSO with UA3DJG/2 in JO94. He also QRV on 6cm but still I have no station there. This weekend there is a sub-regional contest and I maybe will join it late evening.

2011-06-22 : Nice NAC 23cm contest last evening. Worked over 20000 point and that's nice. Still missing many stations who are QRV and many who not is QRV. Still many easy points left to get during a contest. Hope for more activity and also some nice conds during the summer both tropo and rain scatter.

2011-06-08 : During our National Day here in SM (6 June) I was still on my remote QTH on Öland and enjoy the nice sunny wx. Sometime I checked the wx map for good rain scatter. Then one time I found something interesting and got Michael/DB6NT on 3cm and we worked a nice QSO. Some more stations followed and I was very happy, I have got some good RS QSO in logg and a map!

2011-06-05 : It was a large microwave contest this weekend. In the contest list it was listed as REG1 but no REG1 contest this weekend. Finally Tommy/SM6NZB found the contest and the rules. In SM it was called SSA microwave June contest. I was not so active in the contest and conds was bad. Worked several long distance AS QSO on 23cm. I think many more was possible but difficult to get attention when you are on the edge of the activity. Maybe better next time and also some conds!

2011-06-03 : Uploaded my NAC open contest log to but didn't get the points my calculations in LOGGER told me. Have some e-mail contacts but still not sure how the points shall be calculated in this contest. Hopefully we soon will get an update how it shall be done.

2011-06-01 : Seems I missed good rain scatter over north Germany the evening of 31 May. Still rain over Germany but  not good for long distance QSO. So  I  worked some QSO in the new NAC open contest. But the activity seem to be very low on microwave bands and also when I was listen on 2 meter with my "bad" station.

2011-05-27 : Last NAC 23cm and NAC microwave contest when nice with good activity from my side. Even the number of QSO where good but missed some stations. Hope activity will increase during the summer with nice conds. I today noted that I have got some new squares (not so common today):
23cm: RA2FCD in KO04 as #123 (nice number).
13cm: DJ8MS in JO64 as #37 (still many # to work).

2011-05-16 : Postponed the installation of my 6 cm station because no time during the spring to build the station. I have now all parts and will start building it after the summer. Maybe QRV in the beginning of next year 2012 if all go nice and winter is green.

2011-03-28 : Updated my logger page with configuration files for the new NAC OPEN (5:s Tuesday contest). Good luck in contest and hope there will be good activity during these evenings.

2011-02-19 : My antenna seem to have survived the stormy night  7-8 February. According to SMHI (Ölands södra udde) the wind speed on the close south Öland station was up to 28 m/s. At least the antenna seems working during the February NAC 23cm contest there I quit easy worked OZ1FF.
2011-01-25 : First microwave NAC contest in SM with 9cm band as an offical band in the contest. Very nice and I hope we will have the band for long time. During this NAC contest I also got square #56 (JO75) on 10 GHz when I woked SM7DTE.
Thanks for new square, nice contest but very bad conds!

2011-01-08 : Updated my locator square maps for the microwave bands. There is still some easy squars to work when there is activity in them, hope to get some during 2011.

2011-01-08 : Better or worst on 1296 MHz and 10368 MHz? Seem that 2010 was I bit better then previous years.

2011-01-07 : Today I have written my activity reports to the year 2009 and also last year 2010. Summary is that 2009 was in the same level as 2008 (not so good) but 2010 was a significant better year with many nice QSO's. Now I hope for at least same activity as during 2010 and hopefully I also will be QRV on 6 cm.

2010-12-29 : Happy New Year 2011 de ULF

2010-12-29 : Worked the last microwave contest for the year at the station site. Cold evening about -9º C but all station systems seem working nice. But it was difficult to the north and particularly on 3 cm. Seem my 3 cm station is not as good as I want. Nice with three easy QSO on 9 cm which will be included next year in SM part of the microwave contest. 

2010-12-29 : The travel to my remote site was delayed 24 hours because of the blizzard which blocked the roads on Öland for a couple of days. But my antenna seem fine after the blizzard.

2010-12-18 : If you want to know how my 10 GHz (3cm) transverter is I have now written a page about it.

2010-12-16 : Added a page summary my station.

2010-12-14 : I have written a page about my current 1296 MHz transverter for the interested people.

2010-12-13 : PTS (Swedish FCC) is working on new planning for 2300 - 2400 MHz. On the PTS page there is papers from different interest groups (some in English). Many are positive to amateur radio and that's nice reading. Will see what happens with 13 cm in Sweden...

2010-12-11 : I got some inspiration to write about my other parts of the station. Therefore here is a short description of my 2.3 GHz station e.g. 13 cm.

2010-12-10 : I hope that we still have 5 Ghz in Sweden when I have finish my new 5 GHz transverter. It's soon 10 year ago (2001) I was QRV on 5 GHz from JO86GH. I have now start to build a new transverter and I hope to get it ready to summer 2011 for a 10 year celebration!

2010-12-04 : I have now got permission for 3400 MHz operation for the next 6 month until 2011-06-30. What will happen after that date is unknown but hopefully it will be possible to get extension for another 6 month. So still time to get a QSO on 9cm from SM if we get some good conds.

2010-11-21 : During last NAC 23cm contest I have some problems with connection to the remote station last hours. But that didn't have any impact on the result because I was busy with other  activities. Nice with easy QSO with LY2R this evening mostly because of a airplane, thanks for all airplane in the sky!

2010-11-21 : My web-site is currently not on line. I'm working on the problem but will see when I have solve it.

2010-11-13 : Got some new QSO-cards. Today I can only handle QSL direct via snailmail. You find the address on and search on SM7LCB.

2010-10-27 : Last NAC microwave contest (26 Oct) was a very weak contest there conds was for sure below normal. Sometimes when airplane was in path it could be a QSO but you were not sure. Just to look forward and hope something better will come!

2010-10-20 : Last NAC 23cm contest gave many nice QSO even when conds was below normal here and QSB. But AP made many QSO possible. Thansk for a nice evening. Top 3 was,
SO9A     JN99HW 723 km
OH2AXH   KP20OK 682 km
SM3BEI   JP81NG 553 km

2010-10-14 : I have updated my page for the 8-10 October tropo report with audio clips from more or less all QSO during the weekend. Enjoy listen in to the nice side of microwave signals.

2010-10-11 : Added a separate page on my site for the 8-10 October tropo report. I will edit and add audio clip to it during the coming week. There is many hour and GByte of audio files to handle now... but will maybe be interrupted by a new opening!

2010-10-11 : Nice autumn tropo conds on microwave! During the last weekend 8 - 10 of October there were very nice propagations  on all microwave in different directions. During this opening a got:
23cm: 1 new # with total of 122
13cm: 8 new # with total of  36 and 2 new DXCC
 9cm: 8 new # with total of  15 and 2 new DXCC
 3cm: 4 new # with total of  55
More information will come regarding this opening!

2010-10-06 : During the NAC 2m contest I activated my small 2m station (2W/6el) and worked some nice QSO. Seem to be some conds towards OH this evening. Much nicer compare to the conds during the weekend contest on microwave e.g. the conds on microwave that evening was bad also.

2010-10-06 : During the last weekend I visit my remote site and also was sporadic QRV during the big 432 MHz and up contest. Worked some nice DX stations during my operation:
OM3KII   JN88UU 1.3G 834 km
OL9W     JN99CL 1.3G 768 km
OK1MAC   JN79IO 1.3G 756 km
DL3JAN   JO60LK 1.3G 695 km
OK1KIR   JO60PM 1.3G 679 km
SP6GWB   JO80JG 1.3G 673 km
DM5D     JO61OC 1.3G 620 km
DH0LS    JO61JF 1.3G 617 km

2010-09-18 : There is no conds so therefore I have worked with my software development and also setup a new ITX server for my remote operation/development.

2010-08-30 : Did count number of # and find I got some new during the past summer. I now have:
23cm: #121, 13cm: #28, 9cm: #7 and 3cm: #51.

2010-08-27 : Have during the past weeks worked NAC 23cm, LY contest and NAC microwave contest. The NAC 23cm work out nice but could be better. During the LY contest during Saturday evening I was QRV only last 1.5 hour but made some QSO with LY-stations. They are still bit QRP but hope they soon will have more power. The NAC microwave contest have I already forget because it was too bad. Manage to work 2 QSO in 2 hours. Then I went QRT but wake up to work SM7ECM and then shut down the station again. Bad conds or something wrong with the station? Will see next time I'm activating these bands.

2010-08-17 : Now hopefully the sm0lcb site will be up running at address

2010-08-10 : Worked a new square on 3cm with I yesterday evening got SP2MKO (JO93) in the logbook. Nice and easy QSO so thanks for the new square.

2010-08-05 : Today I worked Torben/OZ3ZW in JO54 as first QSO on 3 cm with the new antenna, thanks. Tried also with Per/SM0DFP but no tropo and airplane didn't help.

2010-08-05 : Yesterday I also installed my "new 0.9 m dish" for
3 cm operation. It have possibility for 6 cm also but that transverter will be installed next year hopefully. Now just waiting to see if it's any differace between this dish of 0.9 m compare to the old 60 cm dish.

2010-08-05 : Yesterday evening I worked my first 2 meter aurora QSO for many years. Didn't thought my station have that performance to make a complete aurora QSO but now I have worked OH1XT in KP01 (643 km) and I'm happy!

2010-08-04: Now finally I'm QRV on 2 meter! No big station and still lot to improve on the setup but I'm QRV. Worked some nice QSO during last NAC 2m contest and also find nice signals on aurora after the contest. Very pleased to be back on 2 meter and listen on aurora signals. But think I need to improve my station to be able to work stations via aurora, but that's next step. Go here for more information about the contest and listen to the audio.

2010-07-25: I have written a page about my 3.4 GHz station.

2010-07-23: Yesterday I worked two OK stations on 3cm rain scatter and also listen on the 9cm beacon of OH3SHF during at least one hour with nice signal. For more information go here.

2010-07-22: I have now uploaded the audio clips from the nice NAC 23cm contest last Tuseday evening. I now noted that I got two new squares during the contest OH6QR in KP22 and also OH3MCK in KP11, thanks to both. I need to update my square list soon and also the map!

2010-07-21: Nice NAC 23cm contest last evening. Late start because of a bath in Baltic Sea before contest. Got busy 3 hour of contest with at least two nice happenings. First was a random QSO with OH6QR in KP22 (816km) which gave me a new square on 23cm, thanks!. Second was that I got three OH station in the log this evening (no OH0) and that have not happened before. Hope that record will be broken soon. I we try to upload audio as soon as possible on this page from then contest.

2010-07-14: Added som more audio clips from QSO after the IARU Reg 1 July contest. Nice QSO with OH6KTL and SM0ERR on 23cm with very nice 59+ signals. Hope I soon will manage to upload some audio from the IARU Reg 1 July contest also.

2010-07-13: During the last days I have been happy to get some nice QSO in the logbook. The 11 of July I works some nice rain scatter QSO and my first 9cm RS QSO with DL3YEE. During 12 of July I works some tropo and one RS QSO and now this morning the 13 of July I works some tropo QSO. You will find them all in this link, and hope see you soon again on band.

2010-07-01: There were very nice conds towards OH during 28 to 29 Junie. I copy many beacons on the microwave band in OH but not a singel QSO with OH. I got only one station in logbook when I worked SM0DFP/Per on SSB on 23/13/3cm.

Some text and photos of my 3.4 GHz installation on the back of my 1.9 meter dish.

2010-06-27: Installed my 3.4 GHz station back on my 1.9 meter dish today. First station in log with the new setup for 3.4 GHz was OZ2LD. Very nice and easy QSO but no recording on my side. Hope to have some photos of the new setup soon on the web.

2010-06-23: Last time I visit the remote site I updated the 10 GHz station with the old antenna. Thanks to Mart/SM0ERR for the loan of a waveguide adapter during the summer. Next step is to build the new 10 GHz antenna this summer.

2010-06-22: My SM0LCB server have crashed. I have now finally got a new up running and I hope this server will run nice now. Still the SM7LCB server is down for some reason. I can't  run my remote radio operation either. I will hopefully solve this  problem when I go down to the site the coming weekend.

2010-05-23: Now I have uploaded the sound clips from last NAC 23cm contest if anyone is interested to listen on the signals at SM7LCB receiver.

2010-05-23: This weekend the DUBUS 23cm EME contest was  activating our band. I was QRV at moon raise on Saturday the  22 of May 2010. I only heard one station calling CQ on 1296.018 MHz but I didn't during the moon raise copy the callsign. Maybe I'm bad in CW or havening bad filter during my real time operation. I have uploaded a sample of the received signals here for you to listen to it.

2010-05-19: Nice NAC 23cm contest last evening. Highlights this evening were hearing calls from LA2Z but no QSO. Also the testing with OH6NVQ with a distance of 888 km. During first test I heard him answering my CQ but that was all. I will maybe be difficult the get right time and right position of the airplane for completing a QSO with him. But hopefully we will be able to achieve this in coming contest. Hopefully I will later upload sound files from this contest.

2010-05-17:Back from a long weekend at the Öland QTH.  I have now installed the second antenna rotor with a small 144 MHz antenna (picture/page). I also installed my 10 GHz station again but only with a small horn antenna (22 dB). I didn't have time to complete the new 90 cm dish for 6/3 cm. Hope to get that up running in the beginning of the summer.  I also worked some QSO during the SM-OH contest on the 23 cm CW part.

2010-04-28: Back to more or less normal air traffic and a NAC microwave contest without any tropo conds. So again depending on nice timing with airplanes and the possible AS QSO. I was very happy to get OH2AXH in log with a very nice AS QSO. Listen on all QSO.

2010-04-23: The eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull and the following ash cloud has more or less closed the air traffic in northern Europe.We how are active on the microwave bands know that many of the long distance QSO:s during normal conds are depending on aircraft scatter (AS). So can  this large air traffic stop have any big impact on a NAC 23 cm microwave contest? I was active during the contest and I have summarize some of my feeling of this one of the kind events. Last time there were so few flight in air over Europe we didn't us these bands as today and likely such event will not return(?).

2010-03-23: This evening I worked some QSO during the NAC microwave contest. I then tested Kjeld/OZ1FF announced the overlaying program during a contest and it worked fine. Maybe it help a bit. If you want to see my remote setup during this contest take a look here. There is some photos and also a sceen shot of the map together with the flight map. Contest result is here.

2010-03-19: When Kjeld/OZ1FF announced the overlaying program Grindvista I found it necessary to update my path and scatter map. So now there is a version 2 of it with the possibility to add several scatter areas. This new page together with the program give nice overview see this example. Thanks Kjeld  for the nice research regarding an overlay program!

2010-02-23: February NAC mw contest done with all stations in  log except for SM6AFV. More stations QRV but conds were to bad to get more in the logbook this evening. All snow seems to take down the conds completely!

2010-02-16: February NAC 23 cm contest done. Nearly on hour testing with SP5QAT but no QSO. Heard him several times but that's not a QSO. Hope to get him soon in the logbook.

2010-02-12: Updated my path map tool with antenna sector lines for both home and dx qth, see MAP TOOL.

2010-02-08: I think that LOGGER shall work nice under Windows 7 but if you have problem you can run LOGGER with DOSBOX (maybe only 64-bit system).

2010-02-06: New MAP TOOL again. I wanted a easy tool to the the path of the QSO with indication where the possible scatter area is located on the path. So therefore I now have build this little path and scatter map.

2010-02-03: Add a new MAP TOOL to my previous tools. With this new map tool you can find your locator easy either by search on an address or pan/zoom/click on the map.

2010-02-02: Worked 144 MHz NAC contest as SM0LCB with my development remote station. With the station in the basement  and also the antenna (e.g. -1 meter AGL)  I worked SK0CT and SL0CB on mixed mode there I worked CW. Not a good contest station but it seems that the new software is working as it shall.

2010-01-28: Working on my new server software but have a problem which seems to be related to the USB-serial converter. These works nice together with my old server at SM7LCB but not with the new SM0LCB server. Hope I will find the problem soon...

2010-01-27: Worked some QSO during NAC microwave contest.  But not so active this evening because of all nice snow here in Stockholm. No recording this evening.

2010-01-24: For some days I have been working with my development system here in Solna/Stockholm. With this system I hope to finaly finish my software development on lcbSerial for controlling ICOM IC706 and CW transfer together with needed hardware. I'm working on the Linux software first and will hopefully give Windows XP a try later. Hope to get back here soon when I have more news.

2010-01-20: My first QSO for 2010 was worked during the 23 cm NAC contest. Nice signals from many stations but else? Low activity or bad conds? Well there are many days left on 2010. 

2010-01-15: Today I have added a new Google Map Tool with which you can display worked locator squares. You find my Google Map Tools under the MAP TOOLS in above header or  via this link.

2010-01-13: I have update my QSO MAP page so you can copy and past complete EDI file. The page will then retrieve the home locator from the EDI file.

2010-01-11: Have build my own QSO map web page using javascript and Google map API. If you want to try it you will find the page here.

2010-01-06: Find my remote artical from DUBUS now in the hamradio internet magazin Ham-Mag N.12 (january 2010). Very  nice magazin Vincent/F5SLD.

2009-12-16: Last NAC 23cm contest for 2009 (audio) went good but bad conds that evening. Seem there will not be any good tropo opening for me during the autumn of 2009. Will take Christmas holiday now and hope for a good and interesting radio year 2010.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year de ULF.

2009-11-19: Last NAC 23cm contest was a short story on this side. QRV less then 2 hours but worked many QSO's during  this short time. Good start towards SM0 at start and later nice signals from LY. You can listen on audio here and see the result here.
But were are the nice autumn tropo?

2009-11-07: Update my web with information from last NAC MW contest. You can listen on audio here and see the result here. But still waiting for some good autumn tropo opening.

2009-10-21: Nice information from Estonia today. It is seems that I got the first place in the ES Open VUSHF Field day contest class SOSB (again also 1:st in SOSB 2008). It has been very nice conds during the last two years (audio 2009). I hope there will be similar conds next year and hopefully with even more stations QRV!  

2009-10-20: I'm happy! I got DXCC #20 and square #116 when  I during this evenings 23cm NAC contest worked LA2Z in JO59, thanks. Surprisingly good result in the contest and many QSO went quick and nice. More information here and audio will come.

2009-10-15: Updated the "UHF and up contest" with audio clips. Very nice signals from the OL/OK-stations see this page. There are also some unknown signals via the moon.

2009-10-04: Worked some QSO during the big contest this weekend. Only QRV some few hours but still some nice QSO to the south. Seem my 1.9m dish is working nice. Thanks for QSO and sorry if I haven't time for you all others. Audio will come.
DK6AS   1.3G CW 573km
SM0ERR  1.3G CW 352km
LY2R    1.3G CW 455km
DK0ZB   1.3G CW 688km
OL9W    1.3G CW 768km
OK2KKW  1.3G CW 704km
OL3Z    1.3G CW 718km

Tried to hear some EME-stations during moon rise this evening at 1600z. I did hear someone calling at about 1296.045 MHz but I couldn't copy the signal. Will try to listen on the recording again and see if there is any callsign. Else nothing heard and low activity on HB9Q chat page. Maybe I will try EME other time and then hopefully with some better luck.

Low activity during NAC microwave contest. Best was a nice and easy QSO with SM3BEI without any airplane oat the right position on the "radar map". You find my log here if you want to read/see my results and comments.

2009-09-16: Thanks for NAC 1296 MHz. Not so active this contest but I got square #115 when I find and worked SM5LE/P in JO98. Audio clip here.

2009-08-25: Thanks for nice NAC MW contest this evening. I got many QSO on 13cm. Because of the new antenna or some good conds? Got new square #23 when work DB6NT in JO50. If you want to listen in to the QSO go here.

2009-08-22: I have updated audio clips from:
- OH6NVQ and several other QSO during 2009.
- ES VUSHF FD contest 1296 MHz.
- LY VUSHF contest.

2009-08-20: I have written one page of information regarding my new 1.9 m dish and also one page regarding the new antenna platform.

2009-08-18: Nice NAC 1296 MHz contest this evening and I got square #114 when I worked SM6MNH in JO68RD, thanks for QSO!

Bad microwave conds during the LY VUSHF CONTEST 2009. But still some nice QSO this evening. I worked LY3V/P in KO05 and then got #113 on 23cm and #22 on 13cm, thanks. Hope better conds next year. Soon I hope there will be audio clips from some of these QSO on my web.

Nice conds during ES FD contest. Worked my first ES-stn on 13cm (DXCC #6). It was ES2U in KO29NK which also gave me square #21. During 1296 MHz part I got my square #112 by working YL2GD in KO37ML. Thanks to all!

Installed new antenna for 23/13/9cm. It´s a 1.9 m dish. First signal received was OH2SHF beacon with 599+ signal on 23cm, maybe not only a good antenna! Late in the evening I worked OH6NVQ in KP13IQ 888 km on both 23 cm (#111) and 13 cm (#20), very nice! Photo of antenna and audio clip from QSO will come later on this page.
Now only QRV on 23/13cm. Need additional rotor for 3cm and want to rebuild 9cm with preamp, X-tal control and fix it for close antenna mounting.

Bad conds on microwaves band this summer so no QSO in log. Luckily we have the NAC contest so we get some QSO in log and also actives our bands. During last NAC contest on microwave bands I got new # on 13 cm  by working SM7DTE in JO75 and SM0DFP in JP90. Hope that better conds will come soon (also during NAC contest).

New beacon SK1UHG QRV on 1296.950 MHz in JO97CJ (Gotland). Hope all around baltic sea will monitor this new beacon and report it on DX-cluster. Thanks to all how have been working on this beacon!

Now I got square #110 on 23cm. Many thanks to DM7A/P in JO74AA (map).

2009-06-29: Nice seadut to OH6SHF this morning between 03.05 and 03.35z on 23cm (868 km).

Nice seaduct to OH this evening. Hear OH2SHF on three band 23/13/3cm.

Today computer don't have COM-ports, so to connect to ICOM bus you need an USB to COM-port adapter and also the ICOM-bus interface. But here I show how to build a simple USB to ICOM bus interface which only needs
3 components, can it be more easy to build?

2009-06-14: Thank's to the staff of  the VHF-meeting in Knottebo last weekend and thank's to all visitors for a nice meeting. Also good luck to Mart/SM0ERR how now will be QRV on 24 GHz with OH2AXH's transverter. 

2009-06-01: Thanks OH2PU for my first OH QSO on 13cm and then also a new # on 13cm. I also noted today that I got two new # on 23cm last NAC 1.3 GHz contest. It was #108 SM4DXO in JP71 and #109 LY2R in KO15.

2009-05-23: New antenna for 3400 MHz. Thanks to Niklas/SM7UFW I'm now using a 60cm dish on this band. Hopefully much better then the previous ringfeeder.

2009-05-22: Mounted down the 24 Ghz station. Only one QSO during 2 year. Now it will go back to OH2AXH, thanks for the loan of during this time. First QSO on 10 GHz RS this year, hope for more good rain scatter QSO during the summer. Last year I only have one RS QSO in log!

2009-05-20: Thanks for nice NAC 1296 MHz contest. Now I have lift to east direction and happy for the nice activity in YL, LY and SP. Hope that more stations will find there way to the microwave bands there. Else normal conds. Go here for more information.

: Rewritten my first web page with this news text window. Hope I during the upcoming summer will write a lot here about all nice QSO on microwaves.

2009-05-09: Updated my maps for 2008. But is conds going up or down? See changes for each year on 1296 MHz and 10368 MHz.

2009-05-03: New DXCC LY on 13 cm during the SSA Nordic contest. It's also the first SM-LY QSO on 13cm. Read more and listen in here. See also LY2WR page.

Microwave Audio Recordings
Microwave Activity Report
Article QTC 3, 2008
Article DUBUS 2, 2008

Station SM7LCB

At my summer QTH on Öland (Torngård) I’m active according to table below. All radio activity from this QTH is remote operation via Internet from Stockholm or local remote operation on Öland.

Station information:
50 MHzIC-7300, 50W, dipole(QRV)
144 MHzIC-9700, 100W, 6 el VårgårdaQRV
432 MHzIC-9700, 75W, 11 el (half CueDee)QRV
1.3 GHzIC-706 + transverter, 55W, 1.9m DishQRV
2.3 GHzIC-706 + DB6NT, 40W, 1.9m DishQRT
3.4 GHzIC-706 + DB6NT, 40W, 1.9m DishQRT
5.7 GHz-
10 GHzIC-706 + DB6NT, 5W, 0.6m EricssonQRV
24 GHzIC-706 + OH2AXH, 1W, 0.6 mQRT
(QRV) = 50 MHz only during local operation (no remote).

Station links,

Latest locator maps:
144 MHz432 MHz1.3 GHz2.3 GHz
3.4 GHz5.7 GHz10 GHz24 GHz

Activity summary reports:
Summary 2004 - 2007
Summary 2004 - 2008

Station SM0LCB

At my home QTH Solna (Stockholm) I have been active on many bands from 50 MHz and up. After I have moved to a new but bad radio QTH during 2005 I'm QRT from Stockholm QTH. Maybe I will be back on a FM channel sometime in the future. Most (all) radio activity is done using the remote station SM7LCB.

Station information:
144 MHz IC-706, 10W, 6el Vårgårda QRT
432 MHz TS-850 + transverter, 70W, CueDee QRT
1.3 GHz IC-706 + transverter, 10W, 23 el Tonna QRT
2.3 GHz IC-290 + transverter, 5W, Tonna (SM0DFP) QRT
3.4 GHz--
5.7 GHz IC-290 + transverter, 0.2W, 60cm dish QRT
10 GHz IC-706 + DB6NT, 0.005W, Horn antenna QRT
24 GHz IC-706 + DB6NT, 0.0003W, Open feed QRT
FM 433.475 MHz (136Hz) QRT
The radio is an ICOM IC-706 (first version).

Log information,

Remote Radio Operation

My SM7LCB station on Öland I have been running with remote operation seems summer 2004. I have developed most of the required hardware and software for this operation. It suit my needs and if you are intressed in "my way" please follow the link below,

VHF contest program LOGGER

Us one of the following links to find the program

E-mail address:

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