Audio recordings SM7LCB in JO86GH

Last updated 4 August 2010.

Welcome to listen to my audio recording during NAC 2 m contest 3 August 2010!

During the spring 2010 I installed a 2 m yagi antenna which is Vårgårda 6 el yagi. But just 6 hour before the NAC 144 MHz contest in August 2010 I connected this antenna to my remote station. I have a 2 m output on one of my switch boxes before the transverter line for the microwave bands. This output comes from an ICOM IC-706MKIIG set for about 20W output at the station. After that follows about 50 meter for coax to the switch box and then extra 14 meter up to the antenna. At the switch box output I have about 4W so it's less then 4W at the antenna feed point. We say 2W so total loss from station to antenna of 10 dB (20->2W). This gives a bad noise factor of the receiver also with 10 dB of attenuation before the poor receiver. I will during the winter try to build a needed preamp and also a solid state power amplifier.

When I first switch in the antenna I wounder i anything was connected at all. But I found the beacon OZ4UHF and also SK4MPI so I think the antenna was connected and some strong signals were possible to receive without the preamp. When the contest started I also find signals from station calling CQ on SSB. But the 2W or so output didn't give any QSO's. Switched to CW and then some QSO start filling the logbook for the first time with remote 2 meter operation from SM7LCB in JO86GH. I have worked some QSO before but that with local station (IC-290E) connected to my vertical antenna.

All QSO was nice during this evening but best was OH1F KP01 (640 km). After that it was really nice to listen on the aurora signals after the contest. It was long time ago I listen to this and now I'm happy to hear it again. I think the aurora and ES is the driving force to start operation on 2 meter again. And of cause the high activity. But for me I logged less QSO on 2 m then I do on 23 cm. Maybe the poor output power and lack of preamp have something to do with it.

73 de ULF/SM7LCB 
QSO map 2 m:

Note that some of the file can be large 1 – 5 MBytes!

Date     Time Call      Loc    Band Mode  km  Remark
20100803 1807 LY2R KO15VS 144M CW 455
20100803 1826 LY8O KO24FO 144M CW 534
20100803 1835 ES2MC KO29GG 144M CW 577
20100803 1859 ES5PC KO38HJ 144M CW - NO QSO
20100803 1912 SK7MW JO65MJ 144M CW 242
20100803 1921 SK3W JP80JH 144M CW 446
20100803 1925 SK0CT JO99BM 144M CW 369
20100803 1939 SM4DXO JP70VO 144M CW 480
20100803 1957 SK4KO JP70JX 144M CW 529
20100803 2007 OH1F KP01TK 144M CW 640
20100803 2039 SM7NR JO76RC 144M CW 71
20100803 2042 DJ8MS JO63CT 144M CW 392
20100803 2050 SM7DTE JO75CN 144M CW 168
20100803 2059 SK4KO JP70JX 144M CW - Aurora - NO QSO
20100803 2100 SM3BEI JP81NG 144M CW -
Aurora - NO QSO
20100803 2106 SK4AO JP70TO 144M CW - Aurora - NO QSO
20100803 2114 SM4AIQ JO79FS 144M CW - Aurora - NO QSO
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