SM7LCB, Microwave Summary 2019

Last updated 6 January 2020.

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The year 2019 was a good activity year on 23 cm from my side during the NAC 23 cm contest.
The microwave activity is lower and more and more stations is QRT on these bands.
Even I have gone QRT more or less on 13 and 9 cm bands.
What to do with the microwave activity???

Then old todo list have some minor changes regarding 13 and 9 cm else the same old points...

- 144 MHz, want to add preamp and add a power amplifier.
- 1296 MHz, want to build new transverter with more output power and mounted near antenna.
- 2320 MHz, going QRT???
- 3400 MHz, going QRT???
- 10368 MHz, want to build new transverter together with 24 GHz using 0.6 meter offset dish

When will 6 cm station be ready?!?

144 MHz

Lower activity but still QRV using my QRP station and having fun mostly during the NAC 144 MHz contests!
For sure the KST-gain factor give some QSO but I'm always searching for some random QSO.

Number of calls in log this year37
Number of  locator # in log this year24
Total number of QSO59
Number of CW QSO33 [55%]
Number of SSB QSO26 [44%]
Number of Aurora QSO0 [0%]
Number of Tropo QSO59 [100%]

Tropo QSO map

Aurora QSO map


1.3 GHz

My main band with good activity during the NAC contest evenings but lower than last year!
No good tropo opening except that the last QSO this year on this band was G3XDY!!!
20191229 2212     G3XDY     JO02OB     CW     1101 km

Number of calls in log this year 68
Number of  locator # in log this year 49
Total number of QSO 243
Number of CW QSO 205 [84%]
Number of SSB QSO 38 [15%]

2.3 GHz

The activity on 13 cm band was low because during the spring I moved the antenna feed line from
13 cm antenna to the 23 cm when the 23 cm feed line was damage. No new feed line was mounted
for 13 cm antenna feeding so therefore I'm QRT for the moment on this band. But I'm not sure I
will be active on this band again(?!?).

Worked only,
SM7DTE     JO75CN         
SP2HMR     JO94MR         
SK0EN      JO99JX         
SM3BEI     JP81NG     
Number of calls in log this year 4
Number of  locator # in log this year 4
Total number of QSO 9
Number of CW QSO 9 [100%]
Number of SSB QSO 0 [0%]

3.4 GHz

On 3400 MHz we need special license in Sweden and I didn't applied for any so therefore no activity!
Going QRT???

Number of calls in log this year0
Number of  locator # in log this year0
Total number of QSO0
Number of CW QSO0 [0%]
Number of SSB QSO0 [0%]
Number of RS QSO0 [0%]
Number of Tropo/AS QSO0 [0%]

Tropo/AS QSO map

No activity!
Tropo QSO map

10 GHz

Many stations is not QRV on NAC microwave contest so not many to work and therefore my activity is lower in this contest(?).
No good tropo or rain scatter opening but worked first QSO on 3 cm with SP4MPB, nice.
20190528 1938     SP4MPB     KO03HT     CW     RS

Number of calls in log this year 9
Number of  locator # in log this year 8
Total number of QSO 14
Number of CW QSO 14 [82%]
Number of SSB QSO 3 [17%]
Number of RS QSO 3 [17%]
Number of Tropo/AS QSO 14 [82%]

Tropo/AS QSO map
Rain Scatter QSO map

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