24-47 GHz QSO SM-OH0

Last updated 10 August 2011.

Information sent by Per/SM0DFP on the SM vushf-reflector:

OH0/OH2AXH JP90SF and SM0DFP JP90JC worked
2011-Aug-05 1252UTC 59/59 distance 44km
Metrological data: 1005 hPa, Humidity 81%, Temp 22,9C
2011-Aug-06 1314UTC 559/559 distance 44km
Metrological data: 1002 hPa, Humidity 69%, Temp 24C
Extending the distance on 47 GHz JP90JC - JP90VC
2011-Aug-07 0514UTC 599/599 distance 55km
Metrological data: 998 hPa, Humidity 61%, Temp 19C
The early morning conds August 7 produced very good signals indicating that much longer path is possible.
Equipment at OH- side
24GHz 1W, 40cm dish
47GHz 50mW 40cm dish
Equipment at SM- side
24GHz 0,5W, 40cm dish
47GHz TX 20mW 20cm offset dish, RX prime focus 25cm dish
73 Pertti OH2AXH, Jukka OH6DD and Per SM0DFP
SM sideOH side

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