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On this page I will write about my FUNcube SDR which I just got (13 June 2012).

2012-06-16, Get it running

73 de ULF/SM0LCB (SM7LCB in JO86GH)


2012-06-16, Get it running

I have now the FUNcube running on Windows (XP). That was an easy task and toke only 5 minutes to download, install and run FUNcube with SDR-RADIO (version 1.4) and later I installed HDSDR (version 2.14) and also that worked easy.

But before that I have tried to install and run it under Linux (UBUNTU 10.03 LTS) during several hours but with limited success. Not good  that shall be so difficult to get it running under Linux. I understand why most people use Windows to get there SDR's running. It's much easier then Linux. But I hope I soon will get it fully working also under Linux because a lot of people seems to have it running.

2012-xx-xx, next step

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