Audio recordings SM7LCB in JO86GH

Last updated 20 May 2009.

Welcome to listen to my audio recording during NAC 1296 MHz contest 19 May 2009!

Very nice contest with good conds to east and also nice activity from YL, LY and SP-station, thanks for all QSO's!

QSO map:

Hepburn map at 18.00Z:

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Hepburn map at 00.00Z:

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No audio files ready yet, will come soon
. Note that some of the file can be large 1 – 5 MBytes!



SP1FJZ JO84EE, 237 km
SM7DTE JO75CN, 168 km
SM4DXO JP71SB, 532 km
LY2WR KO24FO, 534 km
SP2QBQ JO94BF, 253 km
SP2IPK JO93LR, 326 km
SP4MPB KO03HT, 381 km
YL3AG KO26AW, 464 km
DL0VV JO64AD, 374 km
DJ1LP JO64CB, 372 km
OH0JFP KP00AB, 465 km
LY2BAW KO25KA, 542 km
SM0FZH JO99HI, 360 km
SA4Z JO79OF, 334 km
SK7MW JO65MJ, 242 km
SM7ECM JO65NQ, 224 km
SM6AFV JO67GQ, 287 km
OZ2LD JO54TU, 349 km
SM6QA JO78FM, 276 km
SK4AO JO70TO, 481 km
SM0ERR JO89WJ, 352 km
SM0DFP JP90KC, 444 km
OZ1FF JO45BO, 530 km
OZ9KY JO45VX, 420 km
OZ3ZW JO54RS, 363 km
SM7GEP JO77IP, 186 km
LY2R KO15VS, 455 km
SM3BEI JP81NG, 553 km
SK0CT JO89XJ, 353 km
YL2AJ KO16OX, 415 km

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