Audio recordings SM7LCB in JO86GH

Last updated 23 April 2010.

Welcome to listen to my audio recording during NAC 23 cm contest 19 April 2010!
The NAC 23 cm contest with very limited air traffic!

The eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull and the following ash cloud has more or less closed the air traffic in northern Europe. This give all travelers big problems but it also close done the microwave bands for us ham radio operators. Maybe not a big problem but today many of the long distance QSO are depending on aircraft scatter (AS). So a contest on microwave bands without any air traffic will make the long distance QSO more difficult to complete. Tuesday the 19 of April 2010 there was a normal NAC 23 cm contest in the northern part of Europe and how will the result of this contest be without any air traffic. This haven't been the case as long as the 23cm band have been activated by ham radio operators?

These two screen dumps show the air traffic:
Air traffic 2010-04-16 13.00 UTC (traffic stop)
Air traffic 2010-04-22 13.00 UTC (normal traffic)

In the evening of 19 April 2010 the flight stop was not total but very limited over Sweden and surrounding countrys. I was active with my (remote controlled) 23 cm station on Öland (JO86GH) during this NAC 23 cm contest. The activity was quit good and I worked most of all possible stations. Most of the stations was in the range of 100 - 400 km and shall be easy to work via normal conds and there the AS don't have any big impact. But how about the more long distance QSO? Below I have listed most of the long distance QSO (stations) I have worked during the  NAC 23 cm microwave contest during the last 6 months with some comments.
DB6NT  in JO50TI, 739 km: Not QRV but can be easy worked via AS.
SM3BEI in JP81NG, 553 km: No luck this evening. Tried but missed possible AS. Normally easy to work!
LY2WR in KO24FO, 534 km: Possible to work but not QRV.
OZ1FF in JO45BO, 530 km: Worked via AS. Luckily we found one aircraft. Weak signal on tropo.
LA2Z in JO59EJ, 501 km: Only worked once via AS, didn't see if he was QRV this evening.
SK4AO in JO70TO, 481 km: Worked via AS? There was some aircraft but not in the path between us on map.
SM4DXO in JO70VO, 480 km: Heard me at end of SK4AO QSO. No QSO. Tried but nil. Normally no problem via AS.
OH0JFP in KP00AB, 465 km: Easy to worked over sea, no need for AS.
SM0DFP in JO90JC, 442 km: Easy to work via AS but not QRV.
SM0EUI in JO99ES, 400 km: Have been easy worked via AS. QRV but no test this evening.

SA4Z in JO79OF, 334 km: Not QRV. Normally easy QSO and AS help in this direction.
For sure I have easy worked some more stations if normal air traffic have been in operation during this evening. At least SM3BEI and SM4DXO how I know were QRV this evening. The flight stop was not total so I have the luck to work OZ1FF and maybe SK4AO via AS. Now I hope the air traffic get back to the normal so this evening will be one of  the kind which will never come back(?).

73 de ULF/SM7LCB 
QSO map 23cm:

Note that some of the file can be large 1 – 5 MBytes!

Date     Time Call      Loc    Band Mode  km  Remark
20100420 1725 SM0ERR JO89WJ 1.3G CW 352
20100420 1732 SM0FZH JO99HI 1.3G CW 360
20100420 1742 SP4MPB KO03HT 1.3G CW 381
20100420 1750 OZ3ZW JO54RS 1.3G CW 363
20100420 1753 SM7SJR JO87FB 1.3G CW 84
20100420 1755 YL3AG KO06WK 1.3G CW 329 My antenna still to SM7SJR (e.g. north direction)!
20100420 1805 SK4AO JP70TO 1.3G CW 481 Propagation... AS?
20100420 1813 OH0JFP KP00AB 1.3G CW 465
20100420 1822 DL0VV JO64AD 1.3G CW 374
20100420 1824 OZ9KY JO45VX 1.3G CW 420
20100420 1833 SP2IPK JO93LR 1.3G CW 326
20100420 1838 SM7DTE JO75CN 1.3G CW 168
20100420 1850 SA7U JO65ML 1.3G CW 238
20100420 1852 SM7ECM JO65NQ 1.3G CW 224
20100420 1856 OZ1FF JO45BO 1.3G CW 0 No QSO, only tropo and too weak signal!
20100420 1914 SM6QA JO78FM 1.3G CW 276
20100420 1918 SM7GVF JO77GA 1.3G CW 146
20100420 1926 LY2R KO15VS 1.3G CW 455
20100420 1930 OZ1FF JO45BO 1.3G CW 530 Nice AS QSO, listen and see waterfall below!
20100420 2009 SK7MW JO65MJ 1.3G CW 242
20100420 2018 OZ6OL JO65DJ 1.3G CW 285

Top ten in this contest:
DX Date Time Call Loc km deg Remark
1 20100420 1930 OZ1FF JO45BO 530 265 AS QSO
2 20100420 1805 SK4AO JP70TO 481 354 AS?
3 20100420 1813 OH0JFP KP00AB 465 25 Tropo QSO
4 20100420 1926 LY2R KO15VS 455 95
Tropo QSO
5 20100420 1824 OZ9KY JO45VX 420 268
Tropo QSO
6 20100420 1742 SP4MPB KO03HT 381 135
Tropo QSO
7 20100420 1822 DL0VV JO64AD 374 232
Tropo QSO
8 20100420 1750 OZ3ZW JO54RS 363 244
Tropo QSO
9 20100420 1732 SM0FZH JO99HI 360 19
Tropo QSO
10 20100420 1725 SM0ERR JO89WJ 352 12
Tropo QSO
Waterfall display of the OZ1FF AS QSO!


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