Audio recordings SM7LCB in JO86GH

Last updated 28 April 2010.

Welcome to listen to my audio recording during NAC microwave (13 cm) contest 27 April 2010!

The air traffic back to the normal and no conds so therefore AS QSO is an important part of the NAC microwave contest. This evening I worked more or less all QSO within one hour of operation. After a while I tried with OH2AXH on CW. The first airplane leaved now trace but the next gave a very nice AS QSO! Thanks a lot OH2AXH! I also tried with LY2R and SK0CT but without any trace in my end but both reported hearing me with nice signals.

73 de ULF/SM7LCB 
QSO map 13cm:

Note that some of the file can be large 1 – 5 MBytes!

Date     Time Call      Loc    Band Mode  km  Remark
20100427 1710 OZ3ZW JO54RS 2.3G CW 363
20100427 1718 OZ2LD JO54TU 2.3G CW 349
20100427 1723 SM0DFP JP90JC 2.3G CW 442
20100427 1728 SM0ERR JO89WJ 2.3G CW 352 Strong signal!
20100427 1741 SM7DTE JO75CN 2.3G CW 168
20100427 1800 SA4Z JO79OF 2.3G CW 334
20100427 1803 SM3BEI JP81NG 2.3G CW 553
20100427 1846 OH2AXH KP20OK 2.3G CW 682 Nice AS QSO!

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