Audio recordings SM7LCB in JO86GH

Last updated 22 July 2010.

Welcome to listen to my audio recording during NAC 23 cm contest 20 July 2010!

Late start this evening because I went for a relaxing and needed bath in the Baltic Sea at 5z e.g. when the contest begined. Just before 6z I started the station and begined hunting around for stations which was calling CQ. Found several but some where difficult to get because they seems to send short CQ.

After this hunting around I parked at 1296.185 MHz and start calling CQ. With the help of KST and DX-cluster more QSO came into the log. When I pointed towards ES and OH I got answers for several stations. I got ES1OX/2 and under him I heard OH2AXH. I luckily worked both of them! It seems to be some lift against OH so called CQ and then I got a response from OH6QR in KP22BN! Surprised and happy to get a new square in the log and a nice QRB QSO of 816 km! After that I on a sked (via KST) tried OH3MCK in KP11WL (712km) and got him also in the log and this also seems to be a new square! Now I have worked three OH stations (no OH0) and I think this is a record during NAC contest for me. Hope that record will be biten soon with nice conds and good activity in OH!

When I was calling towards SM0 I got I nice pileup to be on microwave bands. Nothing to compare with a real pileup but it was nice and fun to be able to work so many SM0 station during a short time interval.

YL3AG (85 deg) must have been strong because the antenna was pointing towards SM6AFV (304 deg) at that time. The same situation appeared when I worked OZ6OL (251 deg) but at that time I have the antenna pointing towards OH2AXH (44 deg). Sometime signals can be very strong!

It was full 3 hours of operation and still there were several stations which were QRV and also easy to work but not time to get them in log this evening. But in summary a nice contest with good lift towards ES/OH and also SM0. Else little over normal and also some QSO depending on air traffic. Didn't get any contact with SM2 station in the end of the contest. Still waiting for hte first SM2 station in log!

73 de ULF/SM7LCB 
QSO map 23cm:

Note that some of the file can be large 1 – 5 MBytes!

Date     Time Call      Loc    Band Mode  km  Remark
20100720 1757 SM3BEI JP81NG 1.3G CW 553
20100720 1809 SK7MW JO65MJ 1.3G SSB 242
20100720 1814 SM7ECM JO65NQ 1.3G CW 224
20100720 1818 DL0VV JO64AD 1.3G CW 374
20100720 1825 DJ1LP JO64CC 1.3G CW 369
20100720 1831 SM7DTE JO75CN 1.3G CW 168
20100720 1834 SA7U JO65ML 1.3G CW 238
20100720 1843 SM7SJR JO87FB 1.3G CW 84
20100720 1846 SM0NUE JO99CE 1.3G CW 335
20100720 1849 OZ9KY JO45VX 1.3G CW 420
20100720 1855 YL3AG KO06WK 1.3G CW 329 Antenna to SM6AFV
20100720 1858 SM6QA JO78FM 1.3G CW 276
20100720 1903 SM6AFV JO67GQ 1.3G CW 287
20100720 1907 SP4MPB KO03HT 1.3G CW 381
20100720 1916 ES1OX/2 KO29AI 1.3G CW 558 OH2AXH in background
20100720 1920 OZ6OL JO65DJ 1.3G CW 285 Antenna to OH2AXH
20100720 1923 OH2AXH KP20OK 1.3G CW 682
20100720 1929 SM0DFP JP90JC 1.3G CW 442
20100720 1933 SM0BSO JO99BG 1.3G CW 343
20100720 1934 SM0ERR JO89WJ 1.3G CW 352
20100720 1935 SM0EUI JO99ES 1.3G CW 400
20100720 1943 SK4AO/P JP70XU 1.3G CW 507
20100720 1946 SM4DXO JP70VO 1.3G CW 480
20100720 1956 SM1MUT JO97CJ 1.3G CW 158
20100720 2003 SP7TEE/2 JO84OP 1.3G SSB 191
20100720 2006 LY2FN KO14XV 1.3G CW 492
20100720 2013 ES0U KO18NM 1.3G CW 465
20100720 2026 OH6QR KP22BN 1.3G CW 816 Random QSO and a new square, thanks!
20100720 2038 OH3MCK KP11WL 1.3G CW 712 Sked via KST and a new square, thanks!
20100720 2053 SA4Z JO79OF 1.3G CW 334
20100720 2059 SM7GVF JO77GA 1.3G CW 146
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