Audio recordings SM7LCB in JO86GH

Last updated 21 November 2010.

Welcome to listen to my audio recording during NAC 22 cm contest 16 November 2010!

No high activity from my side during this contest. The last NAC contest on 23 cm and microwave have not show any good tropo conds. You are completly depending on airplane scatter. So this evening also and a highligth this evening was the QSO with LY2R and many thanks for the nice FIN826F airplane in the path during the QSO, see piture below.

So 14 QSO with average of 350.6 km seems quit nice but vey low numbr of QSO. But conds low and my own activity was low this evening so I understand the bad result. Last hours the remote connection was disconnected but it didn't have any impact because I was busy with other activities.

Missed Lennart/SM3BEI but he have birthday according to somebody on the mw chat, congratulations es cu next time Lennart!

But still hope for some better conds during a NAC 23cm contest.

73 de ULF/SM7LCB 
QSO map 23 cm:

Note that some of the file can be large 1 – 5 MBytes!

Date     Time Call      Loc    Band Mode  km  Remark
20101116 1807 OZ9KY JO45VX 1.3G CW 420 AS
20101116 1813 SM6CEN JO67AJ 1.3G CW 299 AS
20101116 1832 SM0ERR JO89VK 1.3G CW 356 AS
20101116 1836 SM7GEP JO77IP 1.3G CW 186 TR
20101116 1907 SK0CT JO99BM 1.3G CW 369 AS
20101116 1915 SM4DXO JP70TO 1.3G CW 481 AS, Toke long timer this evening, with QRM.
20101116 1921 SM7DTE JO75CN 1.3G CW 168 TR
20101116 1934 SM0DFP JP90JC 1.3G CW 442 AS
20101116 1948 SM7ECM JO65NQ 1.3G CW 224 TR
20101116 1954 DL0VV JO64AD 1.3G CW 374 TR
20101116 2003 LY2R KO15VS 1.3G CW 455 AS, Nice airplane QSO.
20101116 2009 SA4Z JO79OF 1.3G CW 334 AS
20101116 2022 OZ1FF JO45BO 1.3G CW 530 AS, Nice copy long before QSO!
20101116 2032 OZ9GE JO66CB 1.3G CW 270 AS

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