Audio recordings SM7LCB in JO86GH

Last updated 16 November 2011.

Welcome to listen to some of my audio recording during 2011!

List of recordings on the page during 2011:

2011-06-06 : Rainscatter QSO
2011-06-28 : NAC microwave contest
2011-07-03 : Reginal 1 VHF and up contest
2011-07-19 : NAC 23cm contest
2011-07-26 : NAC microwave contest
2011-08-03 : OH6 tropo conds
2011-08-05 : SP RS QSO
2011-08-23 : Good RS and NAC microwave contest
2011-09-06 : NAC 144 MHz contest
2011-09-28 : New square number 125 on 23 cm
2011-10-01...02 : IARU REGION 1 UHF/Microwave contest
2011-10-24...26 : Minor opening to OH and NAC microwave contest
2011-11-01 : 2 meter NAC contest with QRPP station
2011-11-10...13 : Nice tropo to north, south and west

73 de ULF/SM7LCB 

2011-06-06 : Rainscatter QSO
During our National Day here in SM (6 June) I was still on my remote QTH on Öland and enjoy the nice sunny wx. Sometime I checked the wx map for good rain scatter. Then one time I found something interesting and got Michael/DB6NT on 3cm and we worked a nice QSO. Some more stations followed and I was very happy.

Sorry, no recodings was done.

Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km Remark
2011-06-06 1317 DB6NT         JO50VJ 10G 730
2011-06-06 1336 DL6NAA        JO50VF 10G 747
2011-06-06 1401 DK7QX         JO42KH 10G 667
2011-06-06 1405 OZ6OL         JO65DJ 10G 285
2011-06-06 1501 DL6NAA        JO50VF 10G 747

2011-06-28 : NAC microwave contest 
During this NAC microwave contest I worked Kaliningrad UA2 as the first SM-station on 3cm tropo. He called on ON4KST and asked for sked and then I easy worked him with very nice signals. I noted that several OZ station worked him also during that evening.

Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km   Remark
2011-06-28 2055 UA3DJG/2      JO94XV  10G  226  First SM-UA2


2011-07-03 : Reginal 1 VHF and up contest
Worked some QSO during REG 1 VHF and up contest. Didn't have so much time over for the contest but made some nice QSO during Sunday morningvia airplane scatter. Else no conds this weekend.

Sorry, no recodings was done.

Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km   Remark
2011-07-03 0809 OK2A        JO60JJ 1.3G 704
2011-07-03 0814 DL0GTH       JO50JP 1.3G 736
2011-07-03 0826 OZ1ALS       JO44XX 1.3G 439
2011-07-03 0855 OK5Z         JN89AK 1.3G 766

2011-07-19 : NAC 23cm contest 
Nice conds during the July part of the NAC 23cm contest. Worked several nice tropo QSO over the Baltic Sea towards ES, OH and SM2.
During this evening I worked my first SM2-station on 23cm so now I have worked all SM areas on 23cm. I toke only 7 year of operation with my remote station to finally get conds to SM2!
Here some audio for this contest (average distance of 473km):

Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km   Remark
2011-07-19 1747 YL2IV/P       KO06ON  1G3  289  
2011-07-19 1749 YL3AG         KO06WK  1G3  329
2011-07-19 1752 SM6AFV        JO67GQ  1G3  287
2011-07-19 1802 SM0NUE        JO99CE  1G3  335
2011-07-19 1803 SM0DFP        JP90JC  1G3  442
2011-07-19 1807 SK4AO         JP70TO  1G3  481
2011-07-19 1812 ES8AY         KO28GJ  1G3  533
2011-07-19 1814 OH2AXH        KP20OK  1G3  682
2011-07-19 1819 ES2S          KO29DK  1G3  575
2011-07-19 1820 ES1TFJ/2      KO29DK  1G3  575
2011-07-19 1822 ES1AO         KO29HI  1G3  586
2011-07-19 1824 OH5LK         KP30ON  1G3  779
2011-07-19 1834 ES3RF         KO29IF  1G3  583
2011-07-19 1835 SM0ERR        JO89WJ  1G3  352
2011-07-19 1840 LY2FN         KO14XV  1G3  492
2011-07-19 1856 DJ6JJ         JO32PC  1G3  762
2011-07-19 1900 SM7DTE        JO75CN  1G3  168
2011-07-19 1903 SM6QA         JO78FM  1G3  276 
2011-07-19 1905 SM3BEI        JP81NG  1G3  553
2011-07-19 1909 SP2DDV        JO83VE  1G3  357
2011-07-19 1915 SP7TEE        JO91QR  1G3  543
2011-07-19 1925 SK3MF         JP92FW  1G3  745
2011-07-19 1928 SM1MUT        JO97CJ  1G3  158
2011-07-19 1932 DL0VV         JO64AD  1G3  374
2011-07-19 1935 SM0UMU        JO99DF  1G3  341
2011-07-19 2008 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  1G3  224
2011-07-19 2010 OZ6OL         JO65DJ  1G3  285
2011-07-19 2012 SK7MW         JO65MJ  1G3  242
2011-07-19 2022 OZ9KY         JO45VX  1G3  420
2011-07-19 2033 ES1OX/2       KO29AI  1G3  558
2011-07-19 2040 LY2R          KO15VS  1G3  455
2011-07-19 2043 OH6KTL        KP02OJ  1G3  726
2011-07-19 2049 SM2RIX        JP93VU  1G3  858  My first SM2-stn!
2011-07-19 2051 SK0CT         JO99BM  1G3  369
2011-07-19 2059 OH6NVQ        KP13IQ  1G3  888

No good tropo on Hepburn but this
is for 19 July at 06.00Z.

2011-07-26 : NAC microwave contest
Very different to the last NAC 23cm contest. Seem no tropo conds over Baltic Sea this evening. Some short distance QSO when well via the bad tropo conds. Else all QSo needed help from airplane to be completed. One highlight was that DJ1LP came thought very nice on 3cm in the late evening. Many tries with SM7ECM on 3cm but no QSO. Heard him weak but able to copy him. But my signal was to weak at his site to be readable. That tell me I need to make something on my station. Improve the 3cm station and also make better clear view for my antenna over all trees, but that will no be an easy task.

Here some audio for this contest:

Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km   Remark
2011-07-26 1708 LY2R          KO15VS  2G3  455
2011-07-26 1715 SM7DTE        JO75CN  2G3  168
2011-07-26 1718 SM7DTE        JO75CN  10G  168
2011-07-26 1720 OZ3ZW         JO54RS  2G3  363
2011-07-26 1722 OZ3ZW         JO54RS  10G  363
2011-07-26 1737 OZ2LD         JO54TU  2G3  349
2011-07-26 1754 OZ6OL         JO65DJ  3G4  285
2011-07-26 1811 LY2FN         KO14XV  2G3  492
2011-07-26 1815 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  2G3  224
2011-07-26 1817 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  3G4  224
2011-07-26 1820 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  10G  224  RX only
2011-07-26 1829 DL0VV         JO64AD  2G3  374
2011-07-26 1834 DL0VV         JO64AD  10G  374
2011-07-26 1849 SM0ERR        JO89WJ  2G3  352
2011-07-26 1927 DJ1LP         JO54VC  10G  389
2011-07-26 1940 SM7GEP        JO77IP  2G3  186  Good part
2011-07-26 2002 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  10G  224  RX only
2011-07-26 2012 SM0ERR        JO89WJ  10G  352
2011-07-26 2015 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  10G  224  RX only
2011-07-26 2022 SM0DFP        JP90JC  2G3  442
2011-07-26 2025 SM0DFP        JP90JC  3G4  442
2011-07-26 2059 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  10G  224  RX only

2011-08-03 : OH6 tropo conds
This evening I heard the OH6SHF beacon in KP13GM (868 km) and also the SK0UHG beacon in JO99BM (369 km, new location of beacon). The ES0SHF in KO18DN (426 km) was only 519. The ES0SHF will normally be 599++++ when there is conds towards OH. Tried QSO with OH5LK in KP30ON (779 km) but NIL. Normal because the ES0SHF beacon was so weak eg no conds. But also tried with OH6KTK in KP02OJ (726 km) in same direction as OH6SHF but NIL! Confused because OH6 beacons in same direction was strong but you can never believe how conds will be on the path!

Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km  Remark
2011-08-03 1947 OH5LK KP30ON 1.3G 779 NIL QSO
2011-08-03 2004 OH6KTL KP02OJ 1.3G 726 NIL QSO
2011-08-03 2021 ES0SHF KP18DN 1.3G 426 beacon
2011-08-03 2109 OH6SHF KP13GM 1.3G 868 beacon
2011-08-03 2109 SK0UHG JO99BM 1.3G 369 beacon

Hepburn for that evening.

2011-08-05 : SP RS QSO
Worked a new square on 3cm this day. Got a call from SQ3FYK in JO82KI via ON4KST and after some test we made a nice CW QSO via rain scatter. QSO via rain scatter on direct path direction. 

Date       UTC  Call      Locator Band km   Remark
2011-08-05 1504 SQ3FYK JO82KI 10G 441 New square!

2011-08-23 : Good RS and NAC microwave contest
Good RS:

When got home I found some nice rain scatter possibilities on the weather map so I started the station before NAC microwave contest to see if there was any stations QRV. Bad that the contest didn't start one hour earlier this evening! started with sked with DB6NT and after him followed DL6NAA and DL7YC, nice and fun! This was towards the scp north of Berlin. I changed to the other scp east of Hamburg and tested first with DB6NT but nil signals. Then I found DJ6JJ on the same QRG and after some time we worked a nice RS QSO which today is my second longest RS QSO. Thanks all for being QRV!

Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km   Remark
2011-08-23 1620 DB6NT         JO50TI  10G  739
2011-08-23 1623 DL6NAA        JO50VF  10G  747
2011-08-23 1625 DL7YC         JO62PK  10G  480
2011-08-23 1647 DJ6JJ         JO32PC  10G  762

NAC microwave contest:

When it was time for NAC contest the rain scatter have changed to not be so good anymore. Nice that I worked some nice QSo before contest so I got some nice QSO on RS this evening! But luckily there was still good so I could work DJ6JJ and DB6NT again. I heard SM7ECM loud when he worked DJ6JJ but we didn't finish any QSO via RS this evening, instead the tropo worked quit easy!

Rest of the contest is normal QSO with help of all airplanes in the air, without them we will have problems. Nice with a new station on 9cm with a QSO with Torben/OZ3ZW, welcome on the band!
Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km  Remark
2011-08-23 1704 DJ6JJ         JO32PC  10G  762
2011-08-23 1712 DB6NT         JO50TI  10G  739
2011-08-23 1802 SM7DTE        JO75CN  10G  168
2011-08-23 1804 SM7DTE        JO75CN  2.3G 168
2011-08-23 1828 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  2.3G 224
2011-08-23 1830 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  3.4G 224
2011-08-23 1832 SM7ECM        JO65NQ  10G  224
2011-08-23 1837 LY2R          KO15VS  2.3G 455
2011-08-23 1849 OZ3ZW         JO54RS  2.3G 363
2011-08-23 1850 OZ3ZW         JO54RS  3.4G 363 First qso 9cm.
2011-08-23 1852 OZ3ZW         JO54RS  10G  363
2011-08-23 1855 OZ2LD         JO54TU  10G  349
2011-08-23 1856 OZ2LD         JO54TU  3.4G 349
2011-08-23 1858 OZ2LD         JO54TU  2.3G 349
2011-08-23 1926 LY2VA         KO14XV  2.3G 492
2011-08-23 1938 SM0DFP        JP90JC  2.3G 442
2011-08-23 1943 SM0DFP        JP90JC  3.4G 442
2011-08-23 1956 SM7GEP        JO77IP  2.3G 186
2011-08-23 2009 OZ6OL         JO65DJ  3.4G 285
2011-08-23 2017 SM0ERR        JO89WJ  2.3G 352
2011-08-23 2020 SM0ERR        JO89WJ  10G  352
2011-08-23 2039 SM6AFV        JO67GQ  2.3G 287

Picture taken 1615z

2011-09-06 : NAC 144 MHz contest
No big activity this evening with my small station. Still I only have 2 Watt into a 6 element yagi. No preamp some about 10 dB of attenuation in front of my IC-706.

But I worked 5 DXCC in 5 squares on my 5 QSO. Well I for sure can have worked more station if I have give more time to handle the contest. But nice with OK1RI in log. The story behind this QSO is that I left the station on about 144.074 MHz CW with antenna pointing to SM3 (350 deg). For a hour or so I heard a station working QSO there. Finally I decided to listen how it could be. The station was weak but after some time I found out that is was an OK-station calling CQ. So I have to turn the antenna into another direction (200 deg). When the station was easy readable and after some calling we have made a nice random QSO with my small station. These small things makes radio fun!  

Only one recording this evening... guess how is on that?
Date       UTC  Call      Locator Band km   Remark
2011-09-06 1915 SM7XWM JO86AJ 144M 33
2011-09-06 1958 OK1RI JO60RN 144M 672
2011-09-06 2032 YL3AG KO06WK 144M 329
2011-09-06 2040 SP2HPD JO94JC 144M 285
2011-09-06 2053 LY2R KO15VS 144M 455

2011-09-28 : New square number 125 on 23 cm
Nice propagation forecast on Hepburn but small signals on the bands with very few DX-spots. Peter/OZ9PP wanted to try 13cm so why not try? But he didn't read me on 13cm. But JO47 is needed on all bands so we tried on 23cm ant there we made a nice but weak QSO (from my  side) with weak receive of his signals, maybe I need a better preamp soon. But thanks Peter for square #125 on 23cm (JO47).

Maybe more will come soon...
Date       UTC  Call      Locator Band km   Remark
2011-09-28 1821 OZ9PP JO47VA 1.3G 420 #125!

Hepburn for that evening.

2011-10-01...02 : IARU REGION 1 UHF/Microwave contest
During this weekend there is many activitys on Öland Island so we drive down to Öland Friday 12 local time and started with south Öland art night (Södra Ölands konstnatt). It starts at 19 local time and end about 03 local time in the night. Long and nice day. During Saturday and Sunday is the Öland harvest festival (Ölands skördefest) so some activity on this also. Then there we have the garden which also need some attention. And in some spare time I enjoyed the IARU UFH/Microwave contest on 23cm, 13cm, 9cm and 3cm.

Conds was supposed to be above normal and during Saturday evening I worked several nice and easy QSO to the south. But I got to bed early and sleeped over the nice morning conds during Sunday morning. But I needed the sleep so I late Sunday could drive back to Stockholm (6 hours drive) and back home at 02 local time Monday morning.

On 23cm it worked quit nice but I see I need more output power then my today 50W (30W in antenna). For 13cm I really need a preamp because all signals is always very weak on this band. For 9cm I want to move the preamp closer to the feed point and get a better TX coax. The same for 3cm. Hum a lot of work to be done sometimes but thanks all for the nice QSO and hope for more soon.
Date       UTC  Call      Locator Band km   Remark
2011-10-01 1715 SP4MPB KO03HT 1.3G 381 No recording
2011-10-01 1717 YL2AO KO16DK 1.3G 355 No recording
2011-10-01 1720 DK6AS JO52JJ 1.3G 573 No recording
2011-10-01 1743 SP5QAT KO02LB 1.3G 553 No recording
2011-10-01 1753 SP5XMU KO02LG 1.3G 533
2011-10-01 1801 SP5MG KO02LG 1.3G 533 First QSO
2011-10-01 1814 SQ3ET JO82LL 1.3G 428 First QSO
2011-10-01 1821 YL3AG KO06WK 1.3G 329
2011-10-01 1830 OM6A JN99JC 1.3G 816
2011-10-01 1901 DL1SUZ JO53UN 1.3G 435
2011-10-01 1903 DL1SUZ JO53UN 2.3G 435
2011-10-01 1908 DL1SUZ JO53UN 3.4G 435
2011-10-01 1911 DJ8MS JO63CT 1.3G 392
2011-10-01 1913 DJ8MS JO63CT 2.3G 392
2011-10-01 1922 DM7A JO60LK 1.3G 695
2011-10-01 1940 OM3KII JN88UU 1.3G 834
2011-10-01 2005 LY2FN KO14XV 1.3G 492
2011-10-01 2014 LY2FN KO14XV 2.3G 492
2011-10-01 2041 SM0DFP JP90JC 1.3G 442
2011-10-01 2047 SM0DFP JP90JC 2.3G 442
2011-10-01 2052 SM0DFP JP90JC 3.4G 442
2011-10-01 2054 SM0DFP JP90JC 10G 442 The only 3cm QSO!
2011-10-02 0752 OK1MAC JN79IO 2.3G 756
2011-10-02 0802 OL9W JN99CL 1.3G 768
2011-10-02 0816 OL9W JN99CL 2.3G 768 New # number 40!
2011-10-02 0835 SP6GWB JO80JG 1.3G 673
2011-10-02 0838 SP6GWB JO80JG 2.3G 673
2011-10-02 0922 OK1MAC JN79IO 1.3G 756
2011-10-02 1149 OK1KUO JO80FF 1.3G 677 First QSO
2011-10-02 1343 OL3Z JN79FX 1.3G 718

OM3KII airplane/waterfall

Hepburn for that evening.

2011-10-24...26 : Minor opening to OH and NAC microwave contest
During the weekend 16-17 of October it seems to been good conds at least on 2m. How about microwave bands I don't know because I was away running JOTA activity for Solna scoutkår. I have my remote setup with me but the network connection as to bad for any attempt to start up my station.

During 24-25 of October there were some hope for conds towards OH but from my QTH it was only very weak conds as you will hear on the recording below. No QSO was completed so there is only recordings during an attempt on 9cm with OH2AXH. I thing that we maybe have made QSO it working CW.

Day after during the NAC microwave contest I was QRV but not very active. More or less only worked station when they asked for sked on ON4KST. So no recording was done and therefore no information about it in this summary.

Well I just have to wait for next opening...
Date       UTC  Call      Locator Band km   Remark
2011-10-24 1805 OH2AXH KP20OK 3.4G - No QSO
2011-10-24 1823 OH5SHF KP30HV 2.3G 774 Beacon
2011-10-24 1830 OH5SHF KP30HV 1.3G 774 Beacon
2011-10-25 0416 SK3UGH JP92FW 1.3G 744 Beacon
2011-10-25 0423 SK1UHG JO97CJ 1.3G 157 Beacon

Only beacons on the map.

2011-11-01 : 2 meter NAC contest with QRPP station
I enjoyed the November part of the NAC 2 meter contest with my QRPP station. Well QRPP? I have about 20 W out of my IC-706MKII and more then 10 dB of coaxial attenuation to my antenna a 6 element yagi e.g. then about 2 W into the antenna and I think that's QRPP. But with this station I worked 16 QSO in 16 squares and about 13600 points. For sure there were some more station that I could have worked but I spent a lot of time looking for any OH-station but didn't find anyone this evening, which was a bit of disappointment this evening. Better surprise was when I was searching on CW-part (I mostly search there) and find LA0BY calling CQ. I had the antenna towards OZ so adjusted it towards LA0BY and called him and he came back, that was a surprise! It was easier to work LA with 2W/6el on 2m then 50W/2m-dish on 23cm. Worked only two QSO on SSB and to OZ stations in SSB/CW QSO. One was with OZ5W and nice to hear Palle on the air. Many years since I worked him on 6 meter NAC contest as SM5LCB, it's more then 13 years ago I was QRV on 6 meter as SM5LCB. Well a nice evening but didn't do any recording which a was a mistake.

Sorry, no recodings was done.

Date       UTC  Call          Locator Band km   Remark
2011-11-01 1827 SM1A JO97FK 144M 171 SSB
2011-11-01 1907 SK7CY JO65RJ 144M 218 SSB
2011-11-01 1918 LY2R KO15VS 144M 455 sked
2011-11-01 1932 LY2FN KO14XV 144M 492 sked
2011-11-01 1955 OZ1DLD/P JO45SK 144M 448
2011-11-01 2002 OZ7SKV JO46ML 144M 462
2011-11-01 2010 LA0BY JO59IX 144M 532 First LA-stn
2011-11-01 2018 SP2IQW JO94GM 144M 236 sked
2011-11-01 2022 SK4AO JP70TO 144M 481 sked
2011-11-01 2030 YL3AG KO06WK 144M 329
2011-11-01 2053 YL2AJ KO16OX 144M 415
2011-11-01 2113 SK7AX JO77DS 144M 212
2011-11-01 2116 SM7XWM JO86AJ 144M 33
2011-11-01 2142 OZ1ALS JO44XX 144M 439 SSB/CW
2011-11-01 2145 OZ5W JO55UL 144M 316 SSB/CW
2011-11-01 2151 DL0VV JO64AD 144M 374

2011-11-10...13 : Nice tropo to north, south and west
Some days before Hepburn promise some nice conds during the
coming weekend in all directions from my QTH in JO86GH. Well it's
not always good to be in the center of these kind of conds because
the signals can go over your head without any signal into the
antenna. This was also sometime the case. There were QSO over my
head there I didn't hear any signal from the stations even when
I was in the middle point. Fun for them but bit annoying for me.

Date       UTC  Call     Locator Band Mode  km  Remark
2011-11-10 1750 OH2AXH KP20OK 1.3G SSB 682
2011-11-10 1823 OH2AXH KP20OK 3.4G SSB 682 New #16
2011-11-10 1828 OH2LIY KP20MH 1.3G SSB 666
2011-11-10 1837 ES0SHF KO18DN 1.3G CQ 425 beacon
2011-11-10 1928 GB3MHL JO02PB 1.3G CW 1097 beacon
2011-11-10 2046 OK2BFH JN99JQ 2.3G CW 752
2011-11-11 1824 SP6GWB JO80JG 1.3G CW 673
2011-11-11 1831 SP6GWB JO80JG 2.3G CW 673
2011-11-11 1834 SP6GWB JO80JG 10G CW 673

First two days with nice conds towards both OH (north-east) and
SP/OK to the south. But I heard the GB3MHL beacon on 23cm but no
QSO towards that direction.

One new square on 3.4 GHz, thanks OH2AXH!

Date UTC Call     Locator Band Mode km Remark
2011-11-12 1122 SP6GWB JO80JG 1.3G CW 673 no recording
2011-11-12 1617 OH6KTL KP02OJ 1.3G CW 726 no recording
2011-11-12 1703 OK1MAC JN79IO 1.3G CW 756 no recording
2011-11-12 1714 OK1MAC JN79IO 2.3G CW 756 no recording
2011-11-12 1721 OK1MAC JN79IO 3.4G CW 756 New #17
2011-11-12 1723 OK1MAC JN79IO 3.4G SSB 756
2011-11-12 1739 DK3WG JO72GI 1.3G CW 459
2011-11-12 1742 SK2SHF KP03DQ 1.3G CW 857 beacon
2011-11-12 1744 OH6SHF KP13GM 1.3G CW 868 beacon
2011-11-12 1801 SM0FZH JO99HI 1.3G SSB 360
2011-11-12 1909 OH6NVQ KP13IQ 1.3G CW 888
2011-11-12 2119 OH6SHF KP13GM 2.3G CW 868 beacon first!
2011-11-12 2203 SK2SHF KP03DQ 1.3G CW 857 beacon
2011-11-12 2219 SK3UHG JP92FW 1.3G CW 744 beacon
2011-11-12 2220 OH3SHF KP11VK 2.3G CW 705 beacon
2011-11-12 2222 OH3SHF KP11VK 3.4G CW 705 beacon
2011-11-12 2223 OH3SHF KP11VK 10G CW 705 beacon
2011-11-12 2255 OK0ER JN99DP 2.3G CW 750 beacon
2011-11-12 2304 SR6XHZ JO70SS 1.3G CW 620 beacon

Many more QSO this day and yes it's a Saturday so more people
at home. But still maybe may didn't have time for the nice conds
during Saturday evening? SK2SHF were very strong late evening
but no station QRV, maybe wrong evening to get people to the
radio station. First time I hear the OH6SHF beacon on 13cm also,
thanks for this new beacon! Nice to get OH6NVQ on random QSO.
Find him and SM1HOW woring a QSO just calling him after that
QSO, fun!

One new square on 3.4 GHz, thanks OK1MAC!

Date UTC Call     Locator Band Mode km Remark
2011-11-13 1020 OK1YA JN79IO 1.3G CW 756
2011-11-13 1023 OK1YA JN79IO 2.3G CW 756
2011-11-13 1115 SP6GWB JO80HK 1.3G CW 654
2011-11-13 1633 GB3MHL JO02PB 1.3G CW 1097 beacon
2011-11-13 1637 OZ3ZW JO54RS 1.3G CW 363
2011-11-13 1659 PA0EZ JO22OF 1.3G CW 864
2011-11-13 1702 PA0EZ JO22OF 2.3G CW 864
2011-11-13 1715 G3XDY JO02OB 1.3G CW 1101
2011-11-13 1740 PI7ALK JO22IP 1.3G CW 865 beacon

Last day of tropo for this time. Started with nice conds towards
south with SP/OK and ended with some QSO to G/PA. I tried several
times with OK1TEH in JO70FD but no QSO! So conds were in some
direction and nothing in other directions.

Thanks all beacon keeper for all beacons on the air!




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