Audio recordings SM7LCB in JO86GH

Last updated 8 August 2013.

Welcome to listen to some of my audio recording during 2013!

List of recordings on the page during 2013:

2013-05-05 : REG 1 contest May
2013-06-06...07 : Baltic Sea Ducting
2013-06-18 : NAC 23 cm contest
2013-07-06-07 : REG 1 contest July
2013-07-06-07 : After REG 1 contest
2013-08-06...08: Some RS QSO this summer

73 de ULF/SM7LCB 

2013-05-05 : REG 1 contest May
Nice sunny wx here in Stockholm this weekend. But on Sunday morning I toke some time in house to try the remote station during the contest. Worked several nice QSO via AS towards OK/OM/OL/DL. But sometimes it take very long time to complete a QSO via AS so not so many QSO in my logbook. Most time I spent waiting for a good airplane.

Looked mostly for QSO in 700 and above range so sorry to all other stations on KST which I didn't have time for. I also wanted to spend some sunny hours in the garden. Most of the sked got to a final QSO but OK2M was difficult. Tried several times but no trace on on the waterfall display even when I saw nice airplanes within the SCP, frustrating. But as a summary nice hours at the station and thanks for all QSO, sked...

Didn't work any stations on 13 cm (except SP4MPB). This because the station is to bad (still no preamp) and I wanted to focuses on QSO on 23 cm this weekend.

73 de ULF/SM7LCB

Hope to upload audio segments for some QSO later...
Date       UTC  Call           Locator Band km  Remark
2013-05-05 0618 SP4MPB KO03HT 1.3G 381
2013-05-05 0622 SP4MPB KO03HT 2.3G 381
2013-05-05 0640 LY2BJ KO25ER 1.3G 491
2013-05-05 0649 LY2WR KO24FO 1.3G 534
2013-05-05 0708 OL9W JN99CL 1.3G 768
2013-05-05 0727 OK2A JO60JJ 1.3G 704
2013-05-05 0740 OM3W JN99CH 1.3G 787
2013-05-05 0746 OK5Z JN89AK 1.3G 766
2013-05-05 0846 OL3Z JN79FX 1.3G 718
2013-05-05 1031 DL4DTU JO60TR 1.3G 650
2013-05-05 1145 OK1MAC JN79IO 1.3G 756
2013-05-05 1025 SP5QAT KO02LB 1.3G 553
2013-05-05 1207 OK1KUO JO80FF 1.3G 677

2013-06-06...07 : Baltic Sea Ducting
During my travel (5 Juni) to my SM7 QTH (remote site) I got a SMS from Ari/OH3LWP that it maybe will be possible conds because high pressure over the Baltic Sea and he want to try on the microwave bands.

During the evening 6 Juni conds were getting stronger over the Baltic Sea and I worked a LY2BJ via ON4KST sked. Later OH2LAK canme QRV on 23 cm and I worked him but with weak signals, I checked OH2SHF after that QSO but nil copy. Send SMS message to OH3LWP but  didn't get any response, to late evening. 

Next evening 7 Juni conds again came up at about 19.30z with ES0SHF being 599 but thats no good indicaiton. ES0SHF need to be more to full scale reading before other beacons will show up. To my suprise I got OH5SHF in log, not to common to hear it. Then I hear OH3SHF on 9 cm and send a SMS to Ari and he responde and we soon worked a nice QSO on 9 cm. After that we also worked on 13 cm, 23 cm and later on 3 cm when the OH3SHF becon came up on 3 cm. Nice with four 721 km QSO on 23, 13, 9 and 3 cm. Bad that I still don't have my 6 cm station QRV. 

73 de ULF/SM7LCB
Date       UTC  Call           Locator Band km  Remark
2013-06-06 2018 LY2BJ KO25ER 1.3G 491 No recording
2013-06-06 2030 OH2SHF KP20BB 10G 609 Beacon
2013-06-06 2030 OH2SHF KP20BB 2.3G 609 Beacon
2013-06-06 2030 OH2SHF KP20BB 1.3G 609 Beacon
2013-06-06 2108 OH2LAK KP11VK 1.3G 706
2013-06-07 2026 OH5SHF KP30HV 1.3G 774 Beacon
2013-06-07 2026 OH3LWP KP21AM 3.4G 721 #20 on 9cm
2013-06-07 2026 OH3LWP KP21AM 2.3G 721
2013-06-07 2026 OH3LWP KP21AM 1.3G 721
2013-06-07 2026 OH3LWP KP21AM 10G 721 #58 on 3cm
2013-06-08 1941 LY3II/B KO15FM 1.3G 379 Beacon

Thanks for some new squares on the microwave bands. Last update
on 9 cm was 2012-09-25 but on 3 cm it was 2011-08-05, so it was
really time for some new squares!

QSO map

Hepburn 2013-06-06

Hepburn 2013-06-07

2013-06-18 : NAC 23 cm contest
This contest began nice. When I switched on the remote station I first checked the beacon band. Weak signal from ES0SHF which is easy to hear if there is any conds over the Baltic Sea. But weak signal indicate bad conds. But then I found LY3II/B in KO15FM so I tuned the antenna and it was very strong. Maybe some conds to east and southeast then.

Because of the nice signals from LY-beacon I started my operation towards LY and work 5 LY stations within 30 minuets, very nice activity. I keep calling on 1296.185 MHz towards LY, YL and ES and worked some more stations in these directions. Then I worked ODX this evening when I tried a QSO with YL2GD. Bit surprised to get him but signals was good.

After the first hour towards east directions I started working stations in other directions but conds was not good and the airplanes was not so helpful as I wanted. Heard OH2AXH and OZ1FF but no complete QSO this evening. Tried with several other stations as ES6FX, SM5AZN, SM6BFE, SM4DXO, LA2Z, ES5PC and DL1SUN.

73 de ULF/SM7LCB

Hope to upload audio segments for some QSO later...
Date       UTC  Call           Locator Band km  Remark
2013-06-18 1626 LY3II/B KO15FM 1.3G 0
2013-06-18 1700 LY2BJ KO25ER 1.3G 491
2013-06-18 1702 LY2NA KO15JC 1.3G 414
2013-06-18 1708 LY2R KO15VS 1.3G 455
2013-06-18 1716 LY3UE KO24OP 1.3G 577
2013-06-18 1725 LY2BAW KO25KA 1.3G 542
2013-06-18 1738 YL2OW KO26WL 1.3G 575
2013-06-18 1747 ES3NA KO19SE 1.3G 524
2013-06-18 1753 SM1HOW JO97GL 1.3G 178
2013-06-18 1800 YL2GD KO37ML 1.3G 651 ODX
2013-06-18 1835 SM0DFP JP90JC 1.3G 442
2013-06-18 1839 SM7ECM JO65NQ 1.3G 224
2013-06-18 1845 SM6QA JO78FM 1.3G 276
2013-06-18 1851 SM7DTE JO75CN 1.3G 168
2013-06-18 1853 DL0VV JO64AD 1.3G 374
2013-06-18 1857 RA2FCD KO04DL 1.3G 313
2013-06-18 1858 SM3BEI JP81NG 1.3G 553
2013-06-18 1927 SP2DDV JO83VE 1.3G 357
2013-06-18 1933 SP1JNY JO73GL 1.3G 340
2013-06-18 1941 SK4AO JP70TO 1.3G 481
2013-06-18 1943 SM0FZH JO99HI 1.3G 360
2013-06-18 1945 OZ9KY JO45VX 1.3G 420
2013-06-18 1950 SK0CT JO99BM 1.3G 369
2013-06-18 2009 YL2AJ KO16OX 1.3G 415
2013-06-18 2015 SK7MW JO65MJ 1.3G 242
2013-06-18 2017 SP2WPY JO94FL 1.3G 238
2013-06-18 2018 SM7NR JO76RC 1.3G 71

2013-07-06-07 : REG 1 contest July
This weekend I was active more then I normal are on this kind of 24 hour contest and maybe I work more stations also but it take a lot of time when there is no good tropo conds. All long distance QSO need to be worked via airplane scatter (AS) and as you know i can take several tries to get the right airplane to complete the QSO. I have this weekend very many tries with OK1KUO but finally we made a complete QSO.

As usual I prefer working on 23 cm because my station is "best" on this band. Have 50W out (-cable loss) and 1.9 m dish. Use the same antenna for 13 cm and 9 cm. The 13 cm band is bad mostly because I still don't have any preamp installed. On 9 cm it's better but I need to replace the feeder on all band to get better performance out of the antenna. Later in the contest I tried to get some more 9 cm QSO in the logbook but I didn't work so many QSO on this band.

73 de ULF/SM7LCB

No recording from this contest!
Date       UTC  Call           Locator Band km  Remark
2013-07-06 1720 SP4MPB KO03HT 1.3G 381
2013-07-06 1749 OK2A JO60JJ 1.3G 704
2013-07-06 1806 OL9W JN99CL 1.3G 768
2013-07-06 1818 OL3Z JN79FX 1.3G 718
2013-07-06 1836 LY2R KO15KQ 1.3G 400
2013-07-06 1921 LY2FN KO14XV 1.3G 492
2013-07-06 1930 OM3W JN99CH 1.3G 787
2013-07-06 2006 OM3KII JN88UU 1.3G 834 ODX
2013-07-06 2023 OK5Z JN89AK 1.3G 766
2013-07-06 2123 DF0MU JO32PC 1.3G 762
2013-07-06 2134 OZ1ALS JO44XX 1.3G 439
2013-07-06 2140 SP5QAT KO02LB 1.3G 553
2013-07-06 2200 OM6A JN99JC 1.3G 816
2013-07-07 0811 LY2BJ KO25ER 1.3G 491
2013-07-07 0817 DK6AS JO52JJ 1.3G 573
2013-07-07 1011 OK1KPA JN79US 1.3G 730
2013-07-07 1142 PI4GN JO33II 1.3G 710
2013-07-07 1322 SP1JNY JO73GL 1.3G 340
2013-07-07 1342 OK1KUO JO80FF 1.3G 677

2013-07-06 1723 SP4MPB KO03HT 2.3G 381
2013-07-06 1812 OL9W JN99CL 2.3G 768 ODX
2013-07-06 1838 LY2R KO15KQ 2.3G 400
2013-07-06 2032 DL1SUZ JO53UN 2.3G 435
2013-07-07 1328 SP1JNY JO73GL 2.3G 340

2013-07-06 2036 DL1SUZ JO53UN 3.4G 435
2013-07-06 2052 DF0MU JO32PC 3.4G 762 ODX

23 cm map

13 cm map

9 cm map

2013-07-06-07 : After REG 1 contest
During the REG1 contest this weekend I didn't have any tropo conds at all. All QSO was made over then "normal tropo" distance or with help of airplane scatter. I noted during the contest that several stations worked G-stations on long distance (SM7ECM/SM7DTE) but conds never came to my QTH. I tried with G3XDY on 23 cm but no signal.

After the contest I continue to monitor the DX-cluster and ON4KST because if they (ECM/DTE) worked G it maybe can get to me much later but I was not sure it will make it this time. But late in the evening the conds seems to have increased and I checked to see it I can hear GB3MHL beacon and yes it was there on 830 as it shall, so now time to try a QSO again.

I got in touch with John/G3XDY and we started on 23 cm and worked easy. Then I moved him up to 9 cm as I wanted to try that more then 13 cm (because of better equipment on 9 cm). We worked there also and then I moved back to 13 cm. Maybe we misunderstand each other then because i got to 13 cm and maybe John on 3 cm. Well we mad a 13 cm QSO easy also. After that we tried on 3 cm without any signal at all. I still don't have my 6 cm equipment ready, I need to get that done some times to have that band QRV.

73 de ULF/SM7LCB
Date       UTC  Call           Locator Band km   Remark
2013-07-07 2100 GB3MHL JO02PB 1.3G 1096 Beacon
2013-07-07 2115 G3XDY JO02OB 1.3G 1101
2013-07-07 2117 G3XDY JO02OB 3.4G 1101
2013-07-07 2122 G3XDY JO02OB 2.3G 1101

23-13-9 cm map

Hepburn 2013-07-07

2013-08-06...08: Some RS QSO this summer
Seems I missed the nice RS day (27 July) because I was at a scout camp (Space camp 2013) which was visited by Christer Fuglesang.

But now I'm back on Íland and enjoying the nice summer wx and looking for conds on the microwave bands.

I have been working some RS QSO's but not many...

73 de ULF/SM7LCB
Date       UTC  Call           Locator Band km   Remark
2013-08-06 2026 DL6NAA JO50VF 10G 747
2013-08-08 2115 OZ1LPR JO44UW 10G 456 First QSO

Radar map with overlay OZ1LPR.

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