SM7LCB, Microwave Summary 2011

Last updated 6 January 2012.

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This year I hoped to be QRV on 6 cm but I didn't have the time before summer build it so have to move it to next year 2012.
I hope it will be ready to summer 2012.

144 MHz

Not many QSO on 2 m but with my small antenna and bad receiver (no preamp) and low power is a challenge to work some long distance QSO on this band. I will try to get better setup during 2012 but I'm not sure I will first of all try to get my 6 cm to be QRV.

Still microwave band will be the main band for may radio activity!

Number of calls in log this year30
Number of  locator # in log this year25
Total number of QSO39
Number of CW QSO29 [75%]
Number of SSB QSO10 [25%]
Number of Aurora QSO0 [0%]
Number of Tropo QSO39 [100%]

Tropo QSO map
Aurora QSO map

1.3 GHz

My 1.9 meter dish antenna still go very nice but I want to get my PA for 23 cm QRV soon to get a better signal on the band. Will see what will happened 2012. Last year (2010) I worked 118 different stations but this year only 82. Is there less stations QRV, me less active or is conds weaker 2011 compare to 2010? Not sure the map below looks very nice with QSO in all directions.
The good high light this year was the QSO with SM2 station!

Number of calls in log this year 82
Number of  locator # in log this year 52
Total number of QSO 237
Number of CW QSO 216 [92%]
Number of SSB QSO 21 [8%]

2.3 GHz

In principal the same notation as for 1.3 GHz but no SM2 station in logbook. But also on this band less activity. Maybe I'm not so active on the bands any more? Well I don't work so many NAC microwave contest as before maybe and no large opening. My station is also a bit low power without a needed preamp. Maybe I shall improve this band instead of 6 cm, 2 m or 23 cm?

Number of calls in log this year 24
Number of  locator # in log this year 19
Total number of QSO 80
Number of CW QSO 79 [99%]
Number of SSB QSO 1 [1%]

3.4 GHz

Bad activity here also! Not many QSO during 2011 so why be QRV? But why not hope 2012 will be better!

Number of calls in log this year9
Number of  locator # in log this year7
Total number of QSO29
Number of CW QSO27 [92%]
Number of SSB QSO2 [7%]
Number of RS QSO0 [0%]
Number of Tropo/AS QSO29 [100%]

Tropo QSO map
Rain Scatter QSO map

10 GHz

Also on this band lower activity but many nice RS QSO during summer of 2011. I will need to improve this band also. I have more power and I also need to move the PA closer to feed point with an offset antenna. I will try to get this setup together with 24 GHz but that will not be during 2012 for sure. But some improvement is needed or to be more active also?

Number of calls in log this year 20
Number of  locator # in log this year 16
Total number of QSO 48
Number of CW QSO 45 [93%]
Number of SSB QSO 3 [7%]
Number of RS QSO 11 [22%]
Number of Tropo/AS QSO 37 [78%]

Tropo QSO map
Rain Scatter QSO map

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