2011-11-16 OY-opening

Last updated 17 November 2011.

When I this evening checked the DX cluster a notice an nice DX spot from DB6NT there he reported the OY6BEC beacon on Faroe Islands a distance of 1716 km on 23 cm! I then login on ON4KST to see if there were any activity regarding this DX spot it it was. I then also checked Hepburn to see how the map looked and there was prediction for this path on the map. I also check my possibility to work an OY-station from my QTH JO86GH but then I need to clime over the "hills" in south Norway (see map below) and that seems impossible! But maybe not but for sure I will wait long for that a suppose. No recording from my side but maybe some of all other stations has recordings. Robin G8APZ asked for recoding to http://www.beaconspot.eu maybe he will get one.

73 de ULF/SM7LCB

DX-cluster spots and my path from JO86GH.

From DX-cluster I got this information:

1759 OY6BEC/B  -  DB6NT  JO50TI  1296886.0  559 qsb ip62-jo50 1716km!
2030 OY3JE     -  DK6AS  JN59OP  1296200.0  ip62-jo52 tks Jan es gl
2014 OY6BEC/B  -  OZ1FF  JO45BO  1296886.0  529 ip62t-jo45 1126 km
2032 OY6BEC/B  -  DK1ZD  JO44WE  1296886.0  559 tr 1313Km !
2207 OY3JE     -  OZ1FF  JO45BO  1296200.0  clg cq 529 now
2202 OY3JE     -  OZ1FF  JO45BO  1296200.0  ip62<tr>jo45 tnx
2157 OY6BEC/B  -  OZ1FF  JO45BO  1296886.0  519 ip62

From ON4KST (filter by me)

17:10:51z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz OY6BEC/B ip62-jo50 549 1716km good tropo
17:11:03z 2E0NEY Pete 23cm      fancy 23cm test?
17:12:43z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz hallo claus die oy bake auf 432.402 kommt gut! aber keiner qrv...
17:13:02z 2E0NEY Pete 23cm      rr 210?
17:15:12z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  Ge Michael qrg?

17:16:40z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz 432.402
17:17:15z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  tnx info
17:19:25z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz kommt was an?
17:19:55z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  hier nil bis jetzt wielaut bei dir?
17:20:24z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz 549 stabil

17:21:05z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  ich beobachte die .402
17:21:34z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  und 2m auch?
17:26:00z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  oy9jd aktivieren !!
17:30:36z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz auf 2m ist die bake nicht zu hoeren> nicht qrv!?
17:46:58z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  .885 oy/b copy?

17:47:10z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  23cm
17:49:47z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz auf 1296.885 kommt mit 559!
17:53:31z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  23cm hier mit spectran sichtbar!! 1784km from here
17:54:18z DF6NA Rainer 1.3-47 G send info to GMs
17:54:47z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz super und jetzt noch eine gegenstation hi

17:55:42z DF6NA Rainer 1.3-47 G http_link
18:02:14z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz hallo rainer danke
18:16:10z DF6NA Rainer 1.3-47 G NIL from GM and OY here
18:26:46z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz oy9jd ist auf 432.200 529
18:28:15z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  tnx fer info

18:31:57z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  sri nil here 70cm
18:38:53z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz oy auf 432.210 mit cq
18:40:28z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  noch zu leise .210
18:44:07z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  bake auf 23cm 529 qsb wird besser
18:46:16z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  oy/b 23cm lauter als 70cm

18:46:46z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz rgr
18:48:06z DF9QX Matthias 23-1,2 ga, hier nix
18:48:19z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz hello test 1296.200?
18:49:02z OY3JE J@n 23cm        Hi just setting up my equipment
18:50:05z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz ok i call cq on 1206.200 pse meep at qrv

18:51:21z OZ3ZW Torben          DB6NT Ge Michael. What is the freq 1296MHZ beacon/OY?
18:52:04z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  ge Jan I am kisten also on .200
18:52:12z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz 1296.887
18:52:32z OZ3ZW Torben          DB6NT Tu
18:59:32z OY3JE J@n 23cm        ok calling now on .200

19:00:31z OZ3ZW Torben          OY3JE Hej. Jan Like to test with u also.
19:08:16z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  nil until nw .200 23cm oy/b on .886 529 in/out qsb-0 maybe later
19:10:25z OY3JE J@n 23cm        rr wil monitor .200
19:10:48z OY3JE J@n 23cm        6BEC is 650m ASL and I am 25m ASL
19:10:50z OZ3ZW Torben          IQ to u Jan

19:10:55z DF9QX Matthias 23-1,2 ge Claus, oy/b location is much higher
19:10:56z OZ3ZW Torben          I cq
19:12:43z DF9QX Matthias 23-1,2 here nil on 70 and 23cm. but worked last year
19:16:10z OY3JE J@n 23cm        week CW now on .200
19:16:35z OY3JE J@n 23cm        think is DK6

19:17:48z OY3JE J@n 23cm        yes it was DK6AS now gone
19:18:03z OY3JE J@n 23cm        I CQ .200 now
19:21:17z DF9QX Matthias 23-1,2 ge Jan, sry nil in jo42 perhaps later 73gl
19:22:01z OY3JE J@n 23cm        DK6AS vy week 199.5
19:23:10z DF9QX Matthias 23-1,2 now oy6bec/b 519 on 70cm !!!!!

19:23:12z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  anything from 3je on .200 at ur loc?
19:23:33z OY3JE J@n 23cm        JO44VJ 559 on .200 now
19:23:41z DK6AS Andreas         Hi Jan - same here, so gl...
19:23:54z OY3JE J@n 23cm        I CQ agn now on .200
19:24:09z DB6NT Michael 1-76GHz nix zu horen und auch nicht in spectran zu sehen

19:24:35z DL7QY Claus 1-122GHz  rgr tnx info
19:25:18z OY3JE J@n 23cm        now NIL calling CQ now .200
19:26:05z DC6UW Norbert 1-24G   ge Jan, OY-Beacon 559 in JO44VJ peaking. Try 23 pse ?
19:27:34z OY3JE J@n 23cm        now week ssb on .200
19:29:06z OY3JE J@n 23cm        dc6uw heard you on .199 calling you now

19:31:24z OY3JE J@n 23cm        nil back to CQ on 1296.200
19:32:32z G8APZ Robin not QRV   I'd appreciate a recording of the OY beacons!
                                >> admin@beaconspot.eu << Thanks
19:34:43z OZ3ZW Torben          Jan can we try hven u are free
19:35:15z DC6UW Norbert 1-24G   Jan heard u 52, no copy from u ?
19:35:35z OY3JE J@n 23cm        maybe .200 not good QRG have someone sending 529 011 so QSY .202

19:35:54z OY3JE J@n 23cm        CQ 1296.202
19:50:11z SM6EAN Mats           cq/oy3je) GE Jan. Have you checked SK6 beacons on 1296.800 and 1296.805?
19:56:20z OY3JE J@n 23cm        week CQ on .200 now
19:57:24z OZ3ZW Torben          I call agn Jan
20:05:17z OZ3ZW Torben          Jan did u CQ now on 200?

20:05:19z OY3JE J@n 23cm        dk6uw in here agn on .200
20:05:43z OY3JE J@n 23cm        dk6uw do CQ on .200 but cant hear me
20:05:58z OY3JE J@n 23cm        vy QSB
20:06:45z OZ3ZW Torben          OY3JE Ok Jan its him I hear, I stay on qrg, just in hope.
20:08:23z DC6UW Norbert 1-24G   call u in ssb, pse lsn

20:08:25z OY3JE J@n 23cm        worked dk6uw now cq .200

20:10:44z OY3JE J@n 23cm        tu ssb qso 73
20:11:34z DC6UW Norbert 1-24G   Tnx Jan, ssb too weak. What is ur pwr + ant ?
20:13:22z OY3JE J@n 23cm        150W and 47el and khune transverter and F5K radio
20:15:09z OY3JE J@n 23cm        hear dk6as on .200 now

20:20:17z OY3JE J@n 23cm        Think I did have to little drive on the PA :(
                                now there should be full power
20:30:14z DK6AS Andreas         fb Jan nw 549 - vy 73!
20:30:48z OY3JE J@n 23cm        TU QSO nice sig 73's
20:32:15z DK6AS Andreas         still 549 no qsb...
20:33:18z DC6UW Norbert 1-24G   ge Mark, can we try 23 + up pse ?

20:35:11z OY3JE J@n 23cm        cq 1296.200
20:35:39z DK1ZD Timm 1.3-24GHz  tnx Jan fer qso ,peak was s5
20:49:54z OY3JE J@n 23cm        monitoring .200 now
20:50:30z OZ3ZW Torben          OY3JE I try call u
20:51:38z OY3JE J@n 23cm        rr Torben

21:19:03z DL1SUZ Uwe 23-3cm     GE Jan, still qrv ?
21:31:37z OY9JD Jon             any copy on oy beacons now ?
21:33:51z OZ3ZW Torben          OY9JD Nil here Jon
21:33:59z DK7QX Eckhard         no oy bcn in jo42 now
21:34:14z DL1SUZ Uwe 23-3cm     GE Jon, no copy but pse monitor 23cm .205, I will cq into your dir

21:34:48z OY9JD Jon             ok i am on 205
21:37:39z DL1SUZ Uwe 23-3cm     any cpi?, seems I was to late
21:38:11z OY9JD Jon             no cpy Uwe
21:38:46z DL1SUZ Uwe 23-3cm     rgr, I stop now
21:38:56z DL1SUZ Uwe 23-3cm     Tnx for try, 73 + gl

21:39:21z OY9JD Jon             pse spot becon if copy
21:39:30z OY9JD Jon             vy 73 es gl
21:54:27z OZ1FF Kjeld 1,3>24GHz GE Jan, clg 23@200 now
21:55:54z OY3JE J@n 23cm        rr kjeld hear week CW now
21:59:22z OY3JE J@n 23cm        Kjeld lost you agn

21:59:36z OZ1FF Kjeld 1,3>24GHz Tnx nice qso, 73 es gl

22:01:28z OZ1FF Kjeld 1,3>24GHz Some QRM from other stations, nice to work 2. OY on 23 cm
22:01:56z OY3JE J@n 23cm        tu kjeld cq 1296.200
22:17:06z OZ1FF Kjeld 1,3>24GHz GA Peter OY6BEC/B på 1296886 nu
22:19:00z OZ9PP Peter 23/13/3   ge Kjeld.cnt hear the OY beacon

22:19:34z OZ1FF Kjeld 1,3>24GHz 529 now
22:21:39z OZ9PP Peter 23/13/3   do u hear OY stns nw?
22:22:55z OZ1FF Kjeld 1,3>24GHz no but try to spot oy3je, he was 529 as I last hrd him,
                                now to bed 73 es gn
22:24:21z OZ9PP Peter 23/13/3   r u QRV Jan?
22:24:59z OY3JE J@n 23cm        rr Peter calling on .200 now

22:27:44z OY3JE J@n 23cm        anything Peter?
22:28:16z OY9JD Jon             Kjeld kan du prøve på 150 ?
22:28:18z OZ9PP Peter 23/13/3   sri Jan cnt hear u.Tks ,73 es gn
22:29:14z OY3JE J@n 23cm        rr 73 gn
22:37:17z SM6AFV Jens 23-1,2cm  OY3JE A test to JO67 (105gr) I am calling on 200

22:38:53z OY3JE J@n 23cm        dc6uw tnx fb cw and ssb qso agn now

22:39:27z OY3JE J@n 23cm        rr listening for you Jens
22:40:25z DC6UW Norbert 1-24G   tnx Jan, amazing strong in ssb, got just the duct to u. 73+gl
22:41:02z OY3JE J@n 23cm        TNX Norbert best 73's and GN
22:51:02z SM6AFV Jens 23-1,2cm  OY3JE NIL heard on this side Jan, Thanks for test and GN

22:53:13z OY3JE J@n 23cm        rr Jens 73's & GN

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