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Last updated 7 February 2010, version 1.4. MAP TOOLS

With this tool it's possible to create QSO maps overlay on Google maps there each QSO get a line from the home location to each DX location. The creation will only use complete locator information e.g. it shall be 6 characters like JO86GH.

You can now copy/past the complete EDI-file into DX locator area and the home locator will be retrieved from the EDI-file.

Home locator:

DX locator (note NO warning if invalid locator):

This function is build using javascript and Google Map API for java and first running 11 January 2010. Built it to get my own way to create QSO maps to see propagation for DX openings and contest. Will try to add new fuctions and possiblities when I learn more about this possiblity.

73 de ULF /SM0LCB and SM7LCB
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