SM7LCB - Endwave 24 GHz station

Last updated 13 January 2016.

Hi, and welcome to my page regarding my Endwave 24 GHz (1.2 cm) transverter. The content is:

Start December 2015

Start December 2015

After the funeral of SM5QA we how have participant have a shorter radio meeting at my house. During this meeting we talked about the activity on  24 GHz and above. I then got some inspiration to build a 24 GHz transverter of all my 24 GHz parts which I have collected in the basement. So the goal with this  page is to document a transverter for 24 GHz build around a Endwave module. I think I retrieved it via Torleif/SM7EYW or  Håkan/SM7GEP and have been collecting a lot of dust.

I will use the transverter without any preamp or external power amplifier as the module itself have a NF around 2 dB and power around 0.5 - 1.0 Watt according to information on Internet. The main source of information is the yahoo group.

I will be used with my focal 60 cm transverter (NEC) which I have used together with the OH2AXH 24 GHz transverter which I have for some time ago (see logbook). It will be using 432 MHz as IF as my remote station IC-706 also support that band. For connection between the module and antenna I think I will be using a coaxial relay as Jens/OZ9ZZ (24GHz) how also have supported with a lot of information.

It seems to be these steps to go:
- Modify module (amp bias/TX control).
- Build new power supply.
- Get/build a LO.
- Get a coaxial relay for 24 GHz.
- Get waveguide/coax adapters (where?).
- Build transverter control (new PIC controller?).

Below is some picture of my module:

Top side.

 Bottom side

Endwave number

more will come...

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