Antenna update 2010 - SM7LCB

Last updated 28 Juni 2010.

Update 17 May 2010

During the long weekend 13 - 16 May I installed the second antenna rotor on my antenna platform. On the rotor I have a 4 meter tube and on the top of it is a small Vårgårda 6 element yagi. I don't want to have any larger antenna on this band. In the summer of 2010 I hope also to install a 90 cm dish antenna with ring feeder for 6 and 3 cm bands. This weekend I also installed the 3 cm station again but only with a small horn antenna (length 35 cm and gain about 22 dB). I found it in my junkbox and I hope I can have it during the summer also. I'm sure it's SM5QA antenna which I borrowed for many many years ago.

Update 13 of Juni 2010

Now I have installed the old 10 GHz antenna together with the transverter. Thanks to Mart/SM0ERR for loan of the waveguide adapter during the summer. Hopefully I will get the new 90 cm dish up during this summer.

Update 27 of Juni 2010

Now after the midsummer party it was time to install the "new" 3.4 GHz transverter again. During the winter it have got a new DB6NT XO with 10 MHz locking and also a new preamp. The installation when easy with the prebuild mounting frame. This mounting frame house the 3.4 GHz transverter to the left side and two preamp boxes for 13cm (missing today) and 13cm, see photo below.

The first QSO was made during the evening. Then OZ2LD Christian showed up on KST I asked it he can transmit on 9cm to my direction and yes he could. He called on 3400.100 MHz and I found him easy a few kHz up from that frequency. Much easier then last time I have the transverter up. When I worked SM7GEP I have to scan the hole band more or less. Back to OZ2LD I answered and he heard me and we complete a QSO easy with 539/539 exchange. An easy QSO over 349 km maybe it was some conds. Regarding the frequency I noted it to be 3400.102 during the QSO but maybe my 10 MHz ref generator (HP8657A) didn't have correct frequency. Will see if I later can get my EFRATOM up running.

Below one more photo of the setup,

Transverter connections is from left:
- ICOM bus (RG58)
- 10 MHz ref (RG58)
- 12 VDC power
- Antenna connection
- MF out (144 MHz) to next transverter (10 GHz)
- MF in from previous transverter (2.4 GHz).

Update xx of yyy 2010

Hope soon have more information about my updates of the antennas during summer 2010.

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