SM7LCB - New Antenna Platform

Last updated 20 August 2009.

Then I build my new 1.9 meter dish (during summer 2009) I noted that it was difficult to install in on my current location. Therefore a new platform on the barn was build during this summer, well i toke only one day to build and install.

What will this be?
A new antenna platform build on ground level.

Time to install it on the barn...

The new antenna platform on top of the barn.
Behind new platform is the 23 cm antenna at the old installation.

New 1.9 meter dish installed on the new platform.

1,9 meter dish antenna with feeder for 23/13/9 cm.
Two preamp for 23 cm mounted on back of antenna (one backup).

Only wood for all installation.

View from north to east (at least). Need more photos to get 360 deg but view not so good in all directions.

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