SM7LCB, Microwave Activity Reports

Last updated 5 January 2020.

The Microwave Year Summary
2004 My first 4 month of remote operation as SM7LCB.
2005 My first complete year as SM7LCB.
2006 A very nice year on both 23 and 3cm!
2007 A bad year on but nice end in December, see below.
 2004-2007 Summary of all years.
2008 What a bad year, can it get worse?
2004-2008 Summary of all years.
2009Similar activity and conds as during 2008, bad!
2010Nice activity and also some nice tropo, G-stations in logbook again!
2011Low number of call/QSO in log activity from me or others?
2012Internet connection problem and low activity.
2013Better remote connection and some more activity!
2014Similar to 2013 and no news.
2015Great year with many new squares on many bands, nice!
2016Low activity!
2017QRV 144 MHz and nice on 1296 MHz else bad!
2018Good activity on 1296 MHz.
2019Seem I will leave 13 and 9 cm soon and go for 23 and 3 cm.
Special Microwave Openings
Tropo Opening December 2007 Very nice tropo opening!
Tropo opening November 2008 Very nice tropo opening to east direction.
First 24 GHz QSO No tropo opening but my first very very local 24 GHz QSO.
First LY - SM QSO on 13cm During the SSA Nordic contest (May-2009)
Tropo Opening 8 - 10 October 2010Very nice weekend tropo opening towards OK/DL/PA/G.
Audio recordings and reportsAll my audio recordings with some reports!

Activity maps:

It maybe difficult to see difference between each year in the summaries above.
Therefore I have collected all maps to a separate page for each band here,

1296 MHz 2320 MHz 3400 MHz 5600 MHz 10368 MHz 24048 MHz

Locator maps:

These maps show which locator squares I have worked as SM7LCB.
Click on a map for better view.

144 MHz
432 MHz
1.3 GHz

2.3 GHz

3.4 GHz
5.6 GHz

Still not qrv!

10 GHz
24 GHz

How I made these pages.

Most of this data is retrieved from my ADI statistic page. By copy and past to a text file and then open them in the Excel or similar program I created the tables which were copied into the web page. From these Excel tables I also copy the locator column and past
it into the nice map generation page Copy this map and size it and then copy it into
the web page.

Sometimes I take data direct form my LOGGER logbook files by open them with the Excel program. Within this program I format the
table and when ready copy it into the web page. For map generation as described above.

Easy, maybe not. But interesting summary of the radio activity at SM7LCB in JO86GH.

73 de ULF/SM0LCB or SM7LCB

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